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Bao feels like a distant fond memory, I went here pre-Christmas. Eating (and drinking) a heck of a lot over the festive period it all sort of rolled into one huge feast - Thanks dad for the horrific port hangover. I didn't want to eat anything, or write anything up for that matter for a wee while. So, here I am writing up Soho's newbie and ever-so-popular 'Bao' after a 40 minute, nervous, 'will it be good enough for my dining companion after all this?!' wait in the dismal, December rain almost a month ago... 

Finally we made it through the door and were perched at the bar which, in my view are the best seats due to looking at the bar staff busying themselves and not a wall or, back out onto the street teasing the queue of people you managed to get in front of...
The menu is simple. Operating a tick box system which you can easily go over board on ordering and booze is again, kept simple. Very few wines, a couple of beers, cider and Sake... easy! A white and a beer for us then and we got on with ticking away most of the menu...
Scallop, yellow bean and garlic arrived first and was utterly incredible, sat in a puddle of garlicky yummyness and perfectly cooked. Thus meaning, I swiftly ordered more and sat waiting in anticipation until the new batch arrived. Along with these came sweet potato chips which a pickle ketchup which neither of us were too fussed about.

Taiwanese fried chicken... definitely get this over the Bao version. Crispy, spicy, delicious! 
Then arrived our first Bao bun The 'Classic'. Braised pork, Peanut powder, fermented greens and coriander. One bite and try to resist the immediate 'oh, my, god' that comes from within... it's so, so good!
Confit pork Bao, pork sauce, hot sauce and dried shallots. Just as good but, the above wins by a whisker.
We shared all of our dishes and the next one was pretty tricky to give up half of. Lamb shoulder Bao which has had numerous high praises from foodies. Incredibly juicy and smothered in a coriander sauce with a good amount of chilli kick. I defy anyone not to love it... 
 Calvolo nero, salted egg surprisingly moreish and irresistible. 
 Beef rump, white soy. 
Pig's blood cake, egg yolk... not for the squeamish but, if you love black pudding this dish is for you. Rich, meaty and made even more so by the soy cured, oh so oozy egg yolk you mix into it.
Our bill came to £78 for the two of us and we left completely and utterly full...So, was the wait worth it? Yes, join the ever growing, ever groaning queue it most definitely is...

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