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Polpo seems to be my place to send the masses as it never falters. Whether it be a lunch date for two or a family catch up for four (as was the case here) the food is always consistent and, thoroughly enjoyable with an atmosphere to match.

We booked for lunch (bookings taken at lunch only) and had a decent stretch of the menu and a carafe of white wine - perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. I have blogged about the lovely Polpo way back in 2013 although the menu hasn't changed much- if at all!

We gorged feasted on the following:

Crab arancini, fried to give an amazing crisp coating and gooey centre. These little balls were incredibly flavoursome and thoroughly enjoyable as a pre-starter. 

It apparently is a sin to go to Polpo and not have some of their meatballs. Always a crowd pleaser, always delicious and this batch of pork and fennel were no different. For a non-meatball lover these were pretty much a game changer... beautifully moist, perfectly spiced and coated in their rich tomato sauce, de-lish.

Market Greens were smothered in a light coating of olive oil. Simple but, divine.

We had two pizzette (they're another 'must have'). Cured pork shoulder and pickled pepper. And, another of spinach, parmesan and a soft boiled egg. Both as delicious as each other and well worth a try if you're ever visiting...

The Polpo 'Frito Misto' never falters and is seemingly a staple order for most tables when looking round the room. A pile of Squid, prawns and whitebait all perfectly cooked in a dry, crisp and light batter. Who can't love a plate of this stuff?! Just dress it, simply, in lemon and enjoy. 

Salmon tartar was a table winner due to it being a near perfect all-rounder. Wonderful texture was given by tiny cubes of cucumber hidden within and beautifully melt in your mouth fresh salmon. A horseradish side gave a good kick however, it was still super creamy and light. Served with the beautifully named 'carte di musica' AKA music sheet (thin) 'toast' - a perfectly balanced dish and one to definitely order, just don't mistake the horseradish for crab like some of us did!!

Go, eat to your hearts content and enjoy... 

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