Trinity, Clapham

Wednesday was 'Date Night', and a recent flurry of cooking for (many, many) friends meant a well deserved meal out for the two of us and we chose a classic, firm favourite 'Trinity' in Clapham.

The restaurant is hidden away off the main 'Old Town' stretch and upon entering the restaurant you are transported to a wonderful fine-dining(-esque) room which has more of a laid back modern feel to it and isn't in the slightest bit stuffy, like so many are.

We came mid week due to its Winter blues busting offer of 3 courses for £27. Somewhat of a bargain when a lot of the mains are £25+ off the A La Carte and also when feasting on Adam Byatt's cooking this is most definitely a bit of a bargain.

And then we were quickly presented with these wonderful cheese stuffed 'profiteroles' (Mr D already whipped his away) and their infamously delicious smoked cod's roe with radishes, I repeatedly dipped scooped this up with the warm home made sour dough bread which was served with a whipped (to its nth degree) cheddar whey butter.

The set menu comes with two choices for each of the three courses. For starters we both went for the Game Stuffed King Cabbage and Toasted Walnuts. This was as pleasing for the eye as it was for us hungry diners. Sat on top of what I think was a rich cauliflower soup and sprinkled with lashings of parmesan and truffle shavings. The cabbage was stuffed generously with wonderfully well-flavoured mixed game. A seriously impressive start to the meal, it tasted totally sublime. 

Veal bolognese, hazelnut gnocchi, white onion and parmesan for Mr D.

Excellently cooked Cornish Cod, Puy Lentil with Sherry Vinegar, House Chorizo and Mussels for yours truly. The mussels, in particular, were fab. Coated in a light breadcrumb then fried until crisp, leaving the molluscs still succulent inside.

A rather delicate vanilla Ice Cream and cherry Sorbet with Honey Madeleine's for him...

And the Queen Bee of desserts for me... 'date pudding' AKA. One of the most decadent and delicious sticky toffee puddings I've had in a long time, possibly, ever. AB, please kiss your pud chef for me. 

Trinity is, in a word, superb I've been fortunate enough to eat here with both family and friends on several occasions and never once have I left feeling any less that truly satisfied. I am still, three years on, so confused as to why it hasn't got a star. The restaurant is wonderful, the food is exceptional and the staff are always impeccable. Michelin judges, pull your finger(s) out they thoroughly deserve it.

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