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Phat Phuc (translating as 'Happy Buddha') is a bit of a Chelsea/Sloane institution. For YEARS this was mine and many of my friends' staple lunch go to place before Chelsea became too expensive to house us and we moved further afield. Thus meaning I haven't visited this rather 'cute' place for a good few years.

It was the weekend, and in true UK form absolutely teeming it down whilst Mr D, Ben and I wandered aimlessly, drenched, trying to find somewhere to fill our hungry tummies. 

Eventually walking far enough to come across Phat Phuc. Its nestled in a pretty courtyard just off the King's Road (opposite Heal's) and down some steps. In the summer, the tables are fully open to the elements. However, in Winter a small tent is erected and heat lamps warm the diners whilst sipping on vast bowls of steaming noodle soups. 

We had a bit of a feast...

Fluffy, cloud-like pork buns filled with deliciously sweet BBQ'd pork. 

Duck pancakes were generously filled with meat, cucumber, spring onion and a vast amount of Hoi Sin sauce. Not overly exciting as it is as we expected but, not bad for £4 for two.

The prawn dim sum were decent enough for another £4 although they seemed slightly over-steamed as the dough stuck to the bottom of the steamer plate separating it off from the filling. 

The boys' mains (all under £8) arrived first. Both opting for the 'Stir fried' option off the menu which is served with a yummy vegetable fried rice.

Roast pork for one...

Chicken for another...

At your table there's an array of sauces to jazz up your meal consisting of Siracha, soy, fish sauce, a rather eye wateringly hot home-made chilli sauce (in the pot at the front) and my personal favourite (front left) dried garlic flakes... 

Once my duck Pho arrived I knew I'd made a good decision. Nicely balanced broth, a good amount of al dente noodles and plenty of veggies. The duck, a little fatty for my liking and not a huge amount of it but after all the delicious nibbles I didn't need much.

A perfectly balanced and wallet friendly lunch. Leaving more than satisfied, even for us greedy Buddha's. 

Find them here:
  1. Address: 151 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NT

    Open today · 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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