The Tommy Tucker...Fulham's hottest newbie

Dry January doesn't really ever last long for me. This year was a record and I managed up until 2pm on the 4th. I decided to open a bottle of decent white in front of the Tigers game, faced with a massive pile of shirts (work was fast approaching) and a roast in the oven meant I had finished the bottle by 6 and the shirts were just as crumpled. Excellent.

So, to keep with the tradition of mucking everything up (in this case, healthy eating!) I booked us into the The Tommy Tucker (TTT), in Fulham, for its 'soft opening' - it happens to be the sister to my favourite 'go to', Claude's Kitchen. Refurbished with eclectic furnishings, a fantastic bar area and wonderful 'Alpine' style loo. The once drab and empty Pelican Pub now houses our lovely chef Claude and his beaming team of fantastic wait staff and FOH. 

The cellar loos
We were sat in a wonderful cosy corner spot surrounded by sheet music, industrial lighting and perched on a bench. A great table for rowdy friends and even better for a cosy table for two...

The menu read far to well for their own good, having to send our gorge waitress away twice through lack of decisions we finally settled and ordered away whilst sipping from the perfectly formed wine and booze list.

Never one for eating something in a restaurant you can try at home, my brother and I decided on getting a portion of the 'crispy sandeels' as a 'pre-starter' and were surprised by the size, both expecting similar to whitebait but, these were about triple the size, wonderfully 'meaty' and flavoursome especially with a good dollop of the garlic mayo... first thumbs up of the evening well under way.

The menu is a little more relaxed than Claude's Kitchen further down the road showcasing 'pub classics with a fun twist' as Claude himself put. Therefore a wonderfully good looking burger was being scoffed on the table next door, as well as a decent portion of those delicious sounding beef ribs...I am told the menu won't change weekly like it's elder sister, but still, regularly.

To start us off I went for the Raw beef fillet pastrami celeriac and horseradish 'slaw. A fantastically light and fresh dish with really clean and simple flavours. The beef was outstanding and seriously tender. Think of it as a 'simplified' steak tartar. The meat, perfectly brined and not overly seasoned - delicious!

I managed a taster of the scallops with home made chorizo. A classic combination and TTT's version does not disappoint. 

 Another starter, which got a resounding thumbs up, was the rabbit and it's liver terrine served with warn sourdough. 

Onto mains and (unsurprisingly) I opted for the catch of the day. Today's was Sea Bream. Cooked with a fantastic crisp skin and served with Jerusalem artichokes, fennel, watercress and parsley potatoes. Every element of this dish had its own part to play and each was apparent with every mouthful and cooked to perfection. If there ever was such a thing as a perfect boiled potato these were it - buttery and sweet. For such a normal veg these in particular were, a real delight to eat!

 A popular dish throughout the dining room was the pork chop which we also ordered and weren't disappointed by in the slightest. Served with charred hispi cabbage, bacon and apples. Simple, yes, but plentiful and perfect. Claude's cooking always shows that you only need a few simple elements to make a dish really stand out and this was a great example of that. 

Being rather full of yummy things however, not being able to resist anything with salted caramel on a menu we shared the 'choc ice' with almonds and the now 'infamous' caramel cloud I love so much. A seriously sexy pudding and one that is perfect for sharing... that's if you're able to!!

A wonderful evening as expected and one that certainly didn's disappoint, made even better by seeing some familiar friendly faces from Claude's team. 

TTT is open from the 15th Jan. They're currently running a soft opening whereby the food is 50% off so, if you're feeling lucky, call up and grab a table. I can assure you this will be as popular as it's sister, if not more so, with people being able to pop in for a bar snack and booze throughout the day. 

Claude and his team know how flavours go together and there's some serious skill coming out of this new kitchen - watch out, it's going to be a hottie.

W -
T - 0207 736 1023
A - 22 Waterford ROAD, SW6

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