Kouzu...the finest sushi i've ever eaten - FACT!

Courtesy of Kouzu
Thursday of last week, I was invited down to a brand spanking new sushi restaurant in Belgravia 'Kouzu'. When being invited to restaurant openings I'm usually ever so sceptical as I deem it unfair to comment on a place that has only just hit the ground running. But, last night was a different story.

Arriving far too overexcited for my own good my cousin, Mr H, and I arrived at the impressive Grade II listed building and were greeted with warm smiles from the FOH and a resounding “Irasshaimase”,  from the sushi chefs, meaning “Come on in”. 

Courtesy of Kouzu
The owner is actually Greek and came over to our table to greet us and tell us about his vision and story. His vision is to serve 'the best sushi there is' and, to be quite frank, he's not far off... This is a man with a real passion to find the best. So much so, that they closed the restaurant for NINE days over Christmas due to the lack of fresh sushi grade fish supply. Head chef is none other than Kyoichi Kai whom is originally from Kyushu and worked for ten years in Japan before moving to London in 1988. He has since worked at Zuma and countless other London institutions. So, we were in for a treat. 

The restaurant is set over three levels. A lower ground 'chefs table', a ground floor dining room (where we were seated) and an upstairs more casual sushi bar. Minimal, muted tones run throughout the space and a rather impressive chandelier dominates the entrance hall...

Settling down at our table we decided on a rather delicious bottle of Sicilian white and nestled into the menu. Expect classics as well as restaurant specific signature dishes, to be honest they all sounds pretty incredible and looking at the plates going past our noses we weren't going to be disappointed. 

Plates are made for sharing which is always a winner with me and first up was one of the best things I have ever eaten...

Torched scallop Nigiri. A mouthful of perfectly 'flame licked' buttery scallop served with a plum and tomato compote. Literally heaven. I am going back purely for another one (or ten) of these...

We tried their Spicy California rolls which had a great balance of both texture and flavour. A decent kick from the spiced mayo and again, merit to how fresh every ingredient was. I was told they source and ship every single ingredient directly from Japan so, this is more or less as authentic as you can get.

We then started to move onto our bigger plates. Yellow tail with truffle dressing was the first of these and it was, delicious (I say this a lot through this review!). Sashimi was easily the best I've ever tasted and (again) wonderfully fresh. The truffle was only slightly apparent so's not to over power the delicate fish and teamed with ponzu giving it a good sour tang. 

Prawn tempura was served with a fresh citrus dressed salad and a spiced mayo. Perfectly light, crisp tempura batter coated six jumbo, juicy prawns. A thoroughly well executed dish and one that I would definitely order again and insist others do the same.

Less associated with traditional Japanese food we chose, on recommendation, the lamb chops served with a spiced miso paste, rocket and vegetables. Served pink, both meat and fat were juicy, lightly charred and wonderfully sweet.

Hearing excellent things about their black cod, I knew this was a must order. It certainly didn't disappoint, especially given the hype. The fish was so silky and soft (as it should be) it flaked away with even the lightest of touches. Marinated in white miso this was as good a version of any other I have eaten and of decent portion size too. Served with a zingy orange and fennel salad to cut through the richness, this is a dish to not miss out on when dining at Kouzu.

We moved onto pudding and seemingly all are traditional Japanese delicacies with a twist. They looked as impressive as the savoury dishes I had just gorged eaten however, the flavours just didn't seem to excite me enough - n.b. this is hugely on personal taste as fellow bloggers have previously cooed about them all - but, you can't please everyone and I was already sold from every single previous dish.

A sign of a good restaurant is how much you talk about it afterwards and, In this case, the conversation was enthusiastic and very animated. Our praise continued well into the night. I know, already, this may be my new 'go to' place for exceptional sushiLeaving on a high after a thoroughly enjoyable evening, I immediately booked the next day... 

T: +44 (0)20 7730 7043

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    1. It looks wonderful, I've read such great things, can't wait to get down there and try it myself!

      Rosie xx

      1. It is delicious Rosie... a must go for sushi lovers! xx