Señor Ceviche - Peruvian BBQ at its best

Now, I say 'at its best' however, I haven't actually come across any other Peruvian BBQ's in my eating history...  Señor Ceviche has fast gathered a fair amount of groupies since its opening in just over a month ago. 

Mr bro and I arrived early at 6:30pm due to working close by and already tables were filling up and a decent atmosphere was already starting to kick in. 

The open BBQ gives of wonderful smells that hit you the moment you walk through the door and into the vibrantly decorated restaurant. We were sat by the grill which actually was a great spot due to creating even more of an authentic atmosphere with the heat, chefs chatting away and the fizzing of meat when it hits the charcoals... 

I ordered one of their non alcoholic cocktails (crazy, I know!) a refreshing 'Amazonian Elixir', which consisted of elderflower cordial, apple juice, gomme syrup, lime juice and soda water with basil leaves. Super refreshing and thirst quenching.

Being told to order around 3/4 dishes per person we more or less got a good smattering of different dishes across the menu which comes to your table 'as it's ready'. 

We pre ordered with our drinks the Yucas which were small, deliciously crispy croquettes served with a soured cream dipping and crunchy corn. 

First up was the salmon ceviche AKA 'Mr Miyagi'. Thinly sliced raw salmon was doused in a tangy 'tiger's milk' (lime, chilli, onions...) crispy salmon skin and pomegranate. One of my favourites of the evening as it was really fresh and zingy, thus meaning, I could have eaten plates of the stuff. 

The Spaniard was our other ceviche dish made up of sea bream, king prawn, a tomato version of the tiger's milk and chorizo. I liked the additional slightly smoky flavour of the chorizo as another element to bring down the sourness.

So onto the meatier items... Pachamama pork rib was huge and well worth trying should you visit. Covered in a sweet, sticky traditional Inca paste made up of yellow chilli peppers then also given a second BBQ sauce coating the meat fell off the bone and was super succulent and really tasty... 

Anticucho was in the form of two sticky beef skewers sadly not tasted by me, due to not loving beef, but an all round thumbs up was received.

Spicy lemon Chicken wings, luckily, came as a three and were devoured at rapid speed. Thoroughly enjoyable and another I could eat bowl after bowl of.

Tamarind BBQ chicken was a similar version of the above. Full of flavour, sticky, sweet, slightly spiced and ridiculously tender.

We also shared a plate of the fries covered in a spiced cheese and tomato fondue. I wasn't overly enamoured by these as they were a little stodgy as they had soaked up too much of the sauce before hitting our table.

What I loved about Señor Ceviche wasn't just the food but the incredibly energetic atmosphere and wonderful staff. Even at such an early hour of the evening, people were in high spirits, which could mean for a dangerously fun evening ahead. Great for friends, even better for dates...

Approx £30/40pp with a cocktail or two... 

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A: 1st Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby St, London W1B 5PQ
T: 07540 624255

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