Bocca di Lupo - already wanting to go back

Last night was a much needed catch up with one of my uni girls. Bocca di Lupo, which has been high up on my 'must go' list for quite some time, was booked and I was pleased to note my dining companion was dying to go also...

We were seated to the back of the restaurant at its cosy bench seats and it's apparent that everyone here is thoroughly enjoying their meals.. the atmosphere is vibrant and full of energy. 

Settling on a lovely bottle of vino we chomped through wonderful house made bread with an incredibly punchy (in a good way) olive oil, those fabulously big green nocellara olives and ummmed and ahh'd at the delicious sounding menu, thus meaning, it's a tricky one to choose from!

Most of the dishes are available in a 'small' or 'large' portion. Wanting to try as much of the menu as possible we decided to go for all small plates and basically leave our starters in our waitresses hands asking her to order for us from the 'fritti' menu and then also a plate of Crudità di mare - raw red prawns, scallops and tuna tartare which arrived looking fantastic and tasted like heaven...

From the fritti menu our waitress chose an excellent selection...

Sage leaves filled with anchovies (£1.50 each) I could have had a bowl full of these...

Buffalo mozzerella bocconcini - delish

Baccala - home salted cod, a very posh 'fish and chip shop' fish (yum)

and, Olive stuffed with minced pork and veal - absolutely awesome flavours!

All of the above was pretty sensational and I couldn't have picked better myself. Highlights were the sage leaves and the crudita (the raw prawn in particular).

Onto our mains which again, we asked the staff to help with choosing as it was proving near impossible for us to decide what to have.

Pappardelle with hare was an excellent pasta dish, the ribbons of dough perfectly cooked and a decent thickness. The ragu was seriously tender and had a great depth of flavour.

Foie Gras sausage was a decadent as it sounds. Served with a rich pearl barley and cep risotto.

Roasted pumpkin with sage and parmesan was as good as it looks. A seriously tasty side dish dressed and (I think) roasted in a rich balsamic vinegar.

Romanesco broccoli, boiled with oil and parsley was our choice for a 'bit of green' another winner. 

I don't think I could have eaten a better meal to compete with my high expectations...everything from the restaurant to the last mouthful exceeded. It's a fantastic date place, an even better group place and I simply cannot wait to visit again...

Address: 12 Archer St, London W1D 7BB

Prices:£50pp incl. wine

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