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So one of my girls has gone and got a rather beautiful sparkler on her finger (and a new job!). Already having a larger get together to celebrate with the men in our lives, last night called for a girlie catch up and a good try on look at that sparkler. 

Kurobuta has opened another fantastic restaurant in what I could call Connaught Village but it is often described as Marble Arch. Take a short walk past Mr Blair's house and you'll find it nestled in the quaint little village-y area which is a stones throw from Marble Arch itself.

The interior is super sleek and effortless. Much bigger than it's sister restaurant which I have previously blogged about here and far, far less cramped. But, I do LOVE the charm of the Chelsea spot as it feels so much more intimate and original. 

Blagging a table at 6:30 was easy enough, although any later and we wouldn't have been seated till 9ish. The place is buzzing and has a great atmosphere even for our early sitting. 

Wine ordered, we had a bowl of their incredibly more-ish edemame beans which has been flame licked and doused in lemon, salt and butter. The butter made these little beans sing and Miss G and I quickly finished the bowl.(not photographed).

Then came the hardest part, deciding what to have. Seemingly difficult as we wanted more or less the whole menu we decided on choosing two items each and going from there. Apologies for the photos I was more interested in gossiping and it was (sadly) getting dark - at 7pm!!! CRYYYY!!!

First up Scallop sashimi with Kimchee Butter and Tobilco. 

Another flame kissed delicacy these plump beauties were swimming in a sweet/sour sauce. Topped with lashing of baby onions, roe and sesame seeds. Seemingly getting mixed reviews from some I actually rather liked the sharpness of the sauce. It was a refreshing little number...

Squid Kara-age with jalapeño dipping sauce was a little underwhelming. Perhaps as the portion size was a bit stingy for £8.50. The flavour was there and the dipping sauce was scrummy, it just didn't look as appealing as one could make it. 

Spicy tuna maki was incredibly fresh and some of the better I have tasted. But gone have the tempura crunchies I so loved at my previous visit. Still, an awesome bit of sushi and decent value.

One of my favourites to order when gorging on Japanese is miso-aubergine and here it is done excellently. Little nuggets of a smoked, sticky, silky aubergine were set perfectly against a crunchy, candied walnut. Great contrast in flavour and texture, I'm sorry my photo (especially here) does not do it justice in the slightest!

The 'Pièce de résistance' came in the form of three mini wagyu beef sliders in a steamed bun, crunchy onions, cucumber and umami mayo. Yes, OH.MY.GOD! The crisp onions were (I think) in panko crumbs so gave a brilliant crisp element to the very succulent beef. The buns were of the hirata type and perfectly light and fluffy but with a little scorched topping thus adding a slightly firmer texture from the usual. Really delicious however I'm still not over fussed on the wagyu craze, I'm not entirely sure I could tell any difference when in burger form. But, I would definitely have these beauties again.

A bottle and some glasses down we called it a night. This was actually the perfect amount for three people however, I was eyeing up the ribs on the table next door and will definitely be trying some of their house Sake the next time. It's a fabulous place. Wonderful atmosphere and yummy, innovative Japanese cooking. £40-50pp 

P:0203 475 4158
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