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I haven't blogged in a wee while which some people have noticed...I am sorry I've been a little busy...

So, last week was my birthday. I'm now fully into my final year of my twenties by just a week and I'm coping...just!

But, last weekend my love, my best friend asked me to marry him, and I said 'YES' amidst tears of happiness and total surprise. It's the most incredible, wonderful, indescribable feeeeeeling (I bet you're singing Aladin now aren't you?!). He asked me at my favourite place in the world which, I happen to have blogged about before, The Wellinton Arms

So, I am a week behind and now back to the food...

Mr D was away on work and therefore hoping my spare room would at least have a bed in it I demanded asked my parents to pop down and stay. The bed is still at Peter Jones and currently I have no hot water - the JOYS of home owning! But, my family still came down for a long weekend, they're good like that.

To be honest this will possibly be one of the shortest blogs I've done, ever! I didn't want to get my blogging brain on for the means of a post. I just wanted to enjoy the food and the company I was in. 

Brasserie Chavot has been awarded a Michelin star, since our first visit, and I love that it still remains very much the same restaurant I loved then. It is wholeheartedly French. I was transported back to my wonderful weekend in Paris. It's opulent, without being OTT and just feels a little bit special.

Ordering glasses of Ruinart and bottles of wine our meal commenced.  

Starter for me:

The lightest, crispest soft shelled crab. served with a whipped aioli. The crab had a great flavour to it with spice added to the batter mix. Simple but completely delicious!


Sea Bream, perfectly cooked with a crispy skin. Served with a refreshing chunky raita. 


The Baba au Rhum was a dessert I totally fell in love with from this very same restaurant, over a year ago. I shared this with the lovely Miss G and enjoyed every.single.bit. Completely soaked in sweet rhum the sponge still stood proud and was super bouncy. Yet still managing to be light and just, delicious. The thin ribbons of pineapple gave a contrasting sharpness.

If you have a love for Paris, like me, head here. It really won't disappoint.

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