YOOBI... Brazillian have I not discovered this before?!

So, Miss R and I gathered for our (almost) daily gossip break and zoomed into Yoobi on Lexington street to try some of it's, now infamous, temaki (sushi hand rolls). They also serve up the hand rolls as maki and have a selection of salads, sashimi and soups to accompany your meal. It's been around a year now, and I'm kicking myself to not have discovered it sooner...

The modern, simplistic 20 seater restaurant also serves take-outs and on this particular day there was a small queue forming however all seemingly were being served quickly. We grabbed a menu, found a seat chose in under 30 seconds and went up to the counter to order. The menu is made up of a selection of around 12 different variations of temaki's, which can also be maki rolls for a small extra fee, tuna and salmon sashimi and the salads. There's a cold fridge for drinks and some snacks. 

We then were back at our seats and served within 5 minutes... perfect for us hungry girls with less than an hour to spare, and oh so much to catch up on! 

First up came my miso soup which was delicious and not over salty which some can be, a nice touch to this dish was that it had edamame beans and broccoli as well as the normal tofu and seaweed.

Minutes later my extremely pretty hand rolls arrived...

Spicy tuna, romaine lettuce, croutons, Yoobi spicy sauce and rice. Now, not always getting the main part it needs the rice in fact here is delicious. It's melt in your mouth kind of stuff and the vinegar is perfectly balanced. The main star of this is, of course, the protein... the tuna here was a fantastic maroon colour, a good slim slither of fat running though and was extremely tender and so super fresh. The croutons add a fab and welcome crunch, which was unexpected (mainly as I'd forgotten they were there). Another thing to point out is that all the fillings run through the whole hand, your last bite is as good as the first, if not better!

oh go on then..have a close up...

My second hand roll choice was the 'classic' crunchy prawn, served with the same as above but with Japanese mayo instead of the Yoobi spiced sauce. Just as delicious and just as fresh, the prawns being big, plump and juicy. Another pleasurable and yummy mouthful with every bite!

Miss R had the crunchy prawns as above however, in maki form, for an additional £2...

Followed by the highly recommended by the staff Citrus salmon with chives, orange tobiko and yuzu mayo. Its good to note here that their salmon is from good old Scotland, farmed lovingly so they get a proper swim and therefore are nice and lean, making for great tasting and tender salmon. 

Each hand roll is separated into sections which are either £3.20, £3.60 or £4, specials are a little more(there's yellow tail up on the menu at the moment for £6-8). My lunch came to £11. Which, being my pay day treat I find exceptionally reasonable. A thoroughly enjoyable lunch and one I will definitely be returning to on a regular (daily?!) basis...

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