The Ladbroke Arms - A proper country pub in Notting Hill

Taken from the Ladbroke Arms website

Proper country style pubs are hard to come by in our big city. By 'country' I mean cosy, drinking and eating pubs. Not a gastro modern style pub which seem to have totally taken over almost every area of London by the dozen although one is not complaining! I want a fire, I want proper meals, a great wine list and a lovely homely, comfortable atmosphere, throw in a few wandering dogs and I'm back home in Derbyshire - bliss!

The Ladbroke Arms is one of these treasures. Don't get me wrong, it certainly has London prices however it also oozes charm. There's a lot of elbow touching around small rickety tables, a couple of meandering pooches and a wonderful hearty atmosphere that only happy locals bring.

Taken from the Ladbroke Arms website

We went one Friday, when heading home, and popped in for a feeding before the 3hr journey North. You must book as the dining room isn't enormous and the drinks/casual dining area gets full pretty swiftly from 12pm onwards.

This is about our 4th visit and so far it's never disappointed. Mr D still raves on about the meatball pasta dish he had there on a previous visit. But the menu does change regularly - possibly daily? and therefore don't always expect your 'faves' to be there on your return!

As we were in a slight hurry to get on our way, wanting to miss the traffic, we ordered pretty much as soon as we sat down.

A starter caught both our attention and so that was a definite choice... Onion bahji with raita and a spiced relish. A very clever litter starter idea and one I will definitely be trying out at home. It was delicious and totally outshone the rest of the meal (although all courses were fab, this totally pipped the post, and just got over the winners line!)

I had the lamb sweetbread and tongue salad, served with soft boiled egg, croutons and a mixed garden salad. Another fabulous starter; fresh, light and packed full of wonderful high quality ingredients. It was also full of vibrant colours which looked gorgeous!

Seabass, with saffron risotto, samphire and leeks was my choice for a main. The fish had nicely charred crisp skin and well cooked flesh which sat on top an enormous mound of golden, oozy, rich risotto rice - a wonderfully warming dish and such a great colour!!

Mr D stuck to his love of pasta dishes and ordered the duck ragu. The meat was by no means scrimped on and a good amount of diced veg and herbs ran through. Our only slight disappointment was that it was rather dry whereas we were expecting it to be a little more 'saucy'. However on the plus side, the seasoning was spot on and the duck, incredibly tender.

Wanting to hop on the road North we finished there and got on our merry way. The Ladbroke is a fabulous place whether you pop in for one or two courses, have a swift drink or make an evening of it. It's wonderfully homely, effortlessly charming and up there with some of my favourite 'pubby' pubs!

Address: 54 Ladbroke Rd, London W11 3NW
Phone:020 7727 6648

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