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10 of us decided it had been too long and a while back settled on a local SW London restaurant to celebrate a return, back on home soil, from the gorgeous Pariee! French inspired 'Soif' was the perfect choice.

Now, not wanting to be an overly boring blogger I kept my camera at bay as much as possible unless people insisted which (thank you) many did! A lot of Soif's delicious plates slipped through due to the menu being heavy on 'sharing is caring' and trying to keep five hungry boys' paws off a plate of food, just so you can take a snap, isn't exactly an easy task!!

Soif's décor is typically French. Random, old French posters and pictures adorn the walls. Gorgeous tiled tables and miss-matched furniture make this a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere, perfect in our case for larger groups!

We went 'all out' on both wine and food. Soif's wine list is impressive (and expensive) however their house white is perfectly qwaffable and the reds are a must try!

Whilst choosing we decided on all five of the charcuterie selection to put down the middle of the table pre ordering and dived in. Of these I managed one photograph of the terrine with cornichons which was a huge slice of coarse, rich pork meat, seasoned with herbs and dotted with pistachio's to give an occasional crunch, yummmm-my!

We also shared the duck rillets (which went down excellently) and three types of cold meats - capocollo, soppressa trentina and salame toscano. All thinly sliced and were eaten faster than you could ever imagine. I love the idea of ordering something right away and nibbling whilst reading the menu. It just seems to begin a meal in the right way... It's also a good social way of sitting down to a meal especially in a larger group such as ours.

Duck rillettes photo taken from Foodies on the Prowl

All the above and the rest of the meal was served with never ending bread (two types) and room temperature butter!

For starters the dishes are again set to encourage sharing and we were told for our sized group around 5/6 plates was suffice (we went for 7!). We had the following:

Goats curd, broad beans, radishes and bread crumbs. Refreshing, zingy and flavoursome!

Cod's roe, endive and soft boiled egg (a VERY posh and punchy taramasalata which pleased Mr Bruce greatly - thank you also for the hand modelling!)

Hand Sliced raw beef, Morels, Artichokes and pea shoots - this I didn't try however it was Mr D's favourite of the whole evening.

Smoked duck breast, radicchio, walnuts and blue cheese - quite a punchy dish and slightly bitter but thoroughly enjoyable and the duck was sliced like Parma ham which I hadn't had before and yet, had always wanted to try.

Lamb sweetbreads, rosemary aioli - delicately simple but ticked every box!

Buffalo Mozzarella, hass avocado, spring onion and chilli. This was originally out of stock however the waiter kindly found some due to seeing Miss HH's saddened face. The avocado had a great chilli kick and a great texture due to a mix between chopped and mashed avocado and a good glug of olive oil.

Finally we had a crisp and clean flavoured fennel, champignon de Paris, parmesan and olive oil salad. A nice addition to the slightly heavier and gutsy dishes above!

Mains are more personal and here I chose the Hake with chickpeas, chorizo and aioli. A really meaty fish, cooked perfectly. The dish as a whole was packed full of flavour, texture and colour. It stopped me from moaning about my hangover, from Friday's 30th, for a whole 30mins as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Others round the table had the steak haché and frites which looked insane. Mr D the pork chop which again was cooked to perfection and generous in size.

Puds were another sharing affair, Mr D ordered the rhubarb with crème Anglaise which had lots of mmmmm's and ahhhh's. Miss FF and I ordered two of the treacle tarts, of which went down an absolute storm! Many, exclaiming to have been 'the best treacle tart, EVER'! and I couldn't agree more! Even if you're full to bursting I demand you try this, it's life changing stuff, I promise!


Chocolate mousse was also sampled as was the cheese board. Again, all fantastic!

Terroirs (Soif's sister restaurant) is where Mr D and I enjoy so much we send as many people there as possible. Soif is up there, and may be even knocking it's sister off the top spot due to being right on our doorstep! These people know their stuff and especially how to get the most out of every ingredient on each and every plate - we sampled almost the whole menu between us and not a single one of us were disappointed.

A: 27 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG
P: 020 7223 1112

Time: 12pm-10:30pm

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