Quest for the best - Shoryu Ramen #2 - Kingly Court

My second visit to Shoryu Ramen was at the brand new Kingly Court branch in Soho/Carnaby Street. We arrived at 1pm on the opening day and had about a five minute wait before being seated. As soon as we sat down we ordered drinks and were given the menu’s – excellent for a lunch time 1 hr food slot!
Enjoying my Piri-piri so much last time I didn’t want to order any other… ok…  I lied, I’d totally forgotten this is the one that I had previously write up HERE so I won't go into detail. I just fancied a good chilli kick and this took my fancy (yet again).
Due to both of us being hungry and me wanting something a little extra, greedy piggy wig I am Mr E and I both had a hirata bun, pork for him, tempura prawn for moi. His pork looks delicious however lacked a little on sauce therefore making it a little bit dry and ‘claggy’ with the bun being steamed this can cause for tricky eating if there’s no sauce (the bun sticks to your teeth slightly – not attractive!)

My prawn hirata was light, fluffy and delicious. The tempura batter added a nice crunch and there was a decent amount of large prawns, sauce and fillings…  
Mr E went for the Dracula tonkotsu (VERY garlicky) N.B. - all tonkotsu ramen is made with a rich pork broth with bbq pork, egg, mushrooms, spring onion, sesame, ginger, nori and mayu (caramelised black garlic oil) unless stated. Dracula Tonkotsu has even more deep roasted caramelised black garlic mayu, balsamic vinegar and garlic chips – it smelt amazing!

My piri-piri tonkotsu gave the needed chilli kick and proved to be just as good as my last visit – it’s good to know that they may be expanding rather rapidly however their food isn’t being compromised. The bbq pork just as sweet and juicy, the broth just a flavoursome, silky and rich DE-LISH!

We were in an out in under an hour which was ideal for our 'quick break' and for less than £15 our tummies were extremely satisfied and taste buds very happy!

Shoryu Ramen you've excelled, once again!

A: G3-5 Kingly Court London W1B 5PJ

No reservations - expect a 10-15minute wait during busy times.

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