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Hello new post code of SW4, hello new hotspots of foodie delicacies to try, hello new in-between home, home!!

Still SW, this time South of the river and so far I'm not finding it quite so hard/different as I thought I may do to SW6...In fact, I would go as far to say I am loving it!

Mama Lan's has been on my Brixton Village hit list however they've made my life much easier in that there's now a Mama Lan's within a ten minute walk away from my new palace in Clapham Common.

Mama Lan's is famed for their hand made dumplings and so these were definitely on my hit list to try. I went with two of my Uni lovelies and nestled in for a feast of food and gossip. The service is swift and friendly and we were seated in the 'no bookings' venue straight away around 6:45pm (the early bird(s) catches the free tables!!) - N.B. it's cash only at present however I am told this is soon to change.

The menu is small however there's something on there for everyone, a beef noodle soup, a cold chicken noodle salad, and tofu/veggie alternatives. There's around 4/5 different dumplings and another section of street foods which again has around 5 items on it. A great wine, beer and cocktail menu is available to wash away any work woes on a week night and these are very reasonably priced.

Two of us chose the spicy chicken ban mein (cold chicken noodle salad). The bowl was brim full of goodness. Beansprouts, cucumber, spring onion, chillies and plenty of succulent chicken atop a mound of cold well cooked noodles that had the perfect spring and bite to them as one would expect. A small amount of sesame spiced sauce coated the dish and it was really refreshing and tasty, full of flavour and had a wonderful mix of texture(S).

Beef noodle soup was also a table choice. The broth was meaty, rich and a real hearty hug in a bowl. Plenty of tender meat bobbed about and the noodles, again, made of perfect consistency.

We had to try some dumplings, and so the boiled king prawn and Chinese water chestnuts arrived. Five plump dumplings sat aside a lovely pickled vegetables. They were divine, filled generously with well seasoned prawns had a lovely crunch from the chestnuts and the dough cooked perfectly with the correct thickness.

Spicy chicken wings were crisp, succulent and well seasoned. Not too knock your head of spicy they could definitely take more heat. But thoroughly enjoyable and more than enough to share per portion.

Pulled pork buns were full to the brim with juicy sweet meat and the hirata buns steamed to utter perfection and then lightly fried giving a slight crisp edge to them.

Since opening the larger venue in Clapham I was told that everything is now cooked in this kitchen to keep with consistency and then delivered several times over the day to Brixton. Thus meaning slight imperfections have been well and truly ironed out and they can now create exceptional consistent food at fantastic prices. Our meal for 3 with alcoholic drinks came in just over £16pp! which in my eyes is a bargain! I'm looking forward to a second visit very soon!

N.B.Reading some mixed reviews on Mama Lan's I'm not entirely sure people get that this is traditional Beijing home cooking. Therefore expect rustic, homely hearty food which haven't been manufactured to look pretty. The  dumplings in particular are as traditional as you can get, forget the gyoza's you find in several London chains these are the real deal filled with delicious local produce.

A: 8 The Pavement, London SW4 0HZ

Hours: 12:00–3:30pm, 6:00–10:00pm

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