Fittata... a healthy lunch alternative for all you Londoners!

I must let you into a little secret... I love my lunches out as much as anyone else however, I also crave healthy foods to gobble at my desk which are also convenient and delicious... hmmm...tricky!

I came across Fittata through Facebook, as their page popped up on my feed, and I haven't looked back since. From the start I've been wanting to put a post up however, I thought it best to get in a few different flavours and salad options before posting.

'Fittata' (no, I haven't been spelling it wrong!) are the healthier alternatives to frittatas. They're baked (not fried) and the best thing is, they get delivered right to your office (for free if in zone 1!!). The menu changes weekly, it's emailed directly to you, and I have Fittata's once or twice a week for ease and also as they're healthy and a delicious alternative to a sandwich or salad! Each week there are three different flavours to choose from (no more getting bored with lunches) all cooked up that morning. So super fresh and ridiculously tasty. Calories are also on the page for the health conscious amongst us, but expect them to be less than 400cals for your whole lunch.

The most important thingsis... they're DE-LICIOUS and keep your tummies from rumbling till supper time.

Week 1:

Salmon, broccoli and mint fittata with quinoa salad and house dressing;

Week 1 (lunch #2):

Goats cheese, peppers and olives with quinoa salad and house dressing.

Week two:

I 'went crazy' and chose two different 'fitties' 'pea feta and mint' my favourite so far! With a 'chicken, leek and tarragon'  with a side house salad and of course that amazing house dressing!

Week three:

Another double up on flavours this week. Mushroom, parmesan and tarragon and a Chorizo, red pepper and scotch bonnet chilli served with their Lentil salad and house dressing.

I could post more but I think you get the picture!

It's the easiest thing to order and two 'fitties' of your choice and a side salad get delivered to you for a fiver - what's not to love?!
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