Kurobuta… Chelsea's little Japanese blinder

Kurobuta… Finally! Chelsea has a trendy little restaurant that seems more perfectly placed in the likes of Brixton Village or over in Shoreditch, than in the ‘quieter’ section of the King’s Rd. The issue with this is that it was near impossible to get into… until Kurobuta added another 6months onto their ‘pop up’ time frame. This makes me slightly excited that they may be staying.

Miss LoveyG and I hadn’t seen each other in yonks, having a date in the diary for a couple of weeks meant I was able to nab a table and spend the next few lunch breaks dribbling over everyone’s reviews of Kurobuta.

It’s a cute little place, mish-mashed tables and open bulbs hanging from the ceiling therefore oozing exactly what every pop up seems to do – Minimal on a budget. What they have done here which isn’t ideal is cram as many tables in as they possibly can, so, be prepared to potentially wear someone else’s cocktail or possibly feel more involved in your neighbour's conversation than your own throughout your meal.

Picture courtesy of The Evening Standard review here

Our waitress greeted us with a cocktail list and talked us through the tapas style menu suggesting 6 plates between two – ideal, but what to choose?!

Firstly I urge you to scrap the diets and no boozing and get stuck into the cocktails they’re well worth the extra calories…

Plates are small (don’t be deceived by price) and done for sharing so, in my eyes already a perfect template for a Japanese dinner. The head chef is of the Nobu academy and so are the prices, but the dishes are incredibly pretty and devilishly yummy!

We started with one of their snacks in the form of 'sweet potato and soba-ko fries with sauces. Surely any restaurant deserves an applause when you begin with what is basically crispy ‘posh chips’ and a selection of tangy sauces?! I have Googled and Googled to find out what 'soba-ho' is with no answer, the only things that comes up is a noodle dish, of which this was anything but. 

Beef taktaki arrived cooked to a perfect pinkness and with a smack of freshness from the ponzu sauce and a delicious kick from the garlic crisps… my favourite of the whole night just delicious and the meat was incredibly tender.

Salmon gravadlax and avocado tartare with dill mayo, rice crunchies and fresh yuzu zest was up next and a little too thick textured and creamy for my liking and I’m not so sure on the over powering taste of dill – in fairness to them I’m not dill’s biggest fan, he’s probably not mine either.

Baby shrimp Tempura, with spicy mayo and warm ponzu dipping sauce swiftly followed and was hidden in an array of deep fried noodles, onions and peppers a pretty dish and blooming tasty. Sadly, some of the batter had gone a little soggy by the time it had reached us, but it’s a delight to eat and that spiced mayo is so, so good!

Then the Pièce de résistance arrived in the form of sticky, succulent BBQ pork belly in steamed hirata buns served with a crunchy, sweet peanut soy sauce. O.M.G. Quite simply – WOW! Mr D will most certainly be dragged here again for a taste of these!

Possibly through sheer excitement of what we had just devoured. We had completely forgotten that we’d ordered Spicy tuna maki, rolled in tempura crunchies when it was placed in front of us. Full of flavour, housing a great crunch alongside the soft tuna and perfectly cooked rice these were some of the best maki I have eaten – FACT!

Coming to the end of our feasting it’s hard not to go all in and have desserts however feeling full enough and fancying a wander home we stopped there, extremely satisfied!
Kurobata served some of the best and more unusual sushi dishes I have seen on the London restaurant scene. I seriously hope it stays put but for now I encourage you all to go and wrestle elbows with your neighbours in this fabulous little spot.


Kurobuta POP UP Chelsea 251 Kings Road

Phone: 02034754158

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