One of my best boys is literally down the road from my place of work and luckily is into food (and restaurants) as much as I am (possibly even more so!). It was a Friday and wanting to treat ourselves (and very lucky if we were to get in) we popped down to the newly reopened 'Polpetto' for a spot of lunch.

Luck happened to be on our side and we arrived just before the Polpetto rush at 12:30pm and were seated straight away at the bar. Another place to be inspired by décor the ceiling is stunning (one can only dream!) and like her sister restaurants it's stripped back, bare and basic goodness!

Seeing plates flying past our noses and having an hours break we got straight into ordering from the simple but perfectly formed menu.

Some delicious olive oil was poured and we were brought a basket of warm rosemary and salted focaccia bread.

Burrata was creamy and rich, served with chopped chilli and agretti (a type of sea-plant AKA Salsola). It was the best burrata I have eaten in a long time. Such decadence and an absolute delight to eat the chilli kick and salty greens made for a fantastic trio!

Calvolo nero, anchovy and burnt butter bread was the best 'alternative' Caesar salad we both have ever eaten! On exclaiming this it seemed most of the punters that were to ever comment on this particular dish thought so too!

Mussels were my choice of a 'none-sharing' plate and these were simply served with cannellini beans and 'cime di rapa' - a type of broccoli. A little chilli was added and thin slices of garlic and what appeared to be a white wine sauce. Another winner and just what I fancied as it wasn't over filling but really flavoursome.

Mr E went for the game faggots with leeks which I didn't picture as by now we were nearing our hour and therefore these had to be gobbled up quickly. A side of extremely delicious and creamy polenta was also added onto our already rather OTT 'simple, quick lunch' and this was, again, scrummy!

Another winning little hot spot for Russell Norman and Richard Beatty and if you're lucky you may catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Florence Knight whom heads up the kitchen. A great lunch place and almost certain to please a date in the warm summer evenings.

Our meal for two came in at an extraordinarily reasonable £20 pp - however, it was a week day and we were back to work so no boozing was done!

A: Polpetto 11 Berwick St, London, W1F 0DR
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Source - A great little Battersea local

Source Battersea, is perched on the river with uninterrupted views of our beautiful City from the water’s edge. The décor is bang on trend, stripped back walls, engineered lighting, exposed brick and plenty of rustic wooden features and furniture. Source is one of those places that just oozes effortless ‘cool’ and I found myself snapping a few pics for ideas for our own home.

Source's food is local, British produce and always seasonal. The dining room sits upon its very own water well, hence the name ‘source’ and from here the restaurant serves its filtered water from -  you can’t get more local than that! They also source local and unusual ales.

To start off with, and whilst deciding on what to fill our tummies with, we were given a complimentary amuse bouche of cubed and breaded pork rillettes - I think?! I was in the (rather funky) loos when the description was given!  My fellow diner ‘Charmers’ kindly asked for the exact ingredients for the ‘blogs purpose’, however, it has somewhat slipped my mind (sorry C!). It was delicious, perfectly tender and very flavoursome!

Off on a good start and looking at the easy to grasp menu (6 or so starters and the same for mains) we were ready to order pretty swiftly. I am a lover of seafood, especially at the moment and the crab toast caught my eye for a starter. This came sat upon a large wedge of crunchy seeded toast and served with a refreshing courgette and fennel salad. The crab was wonderfully fresh and plentiful.

Two around the table went for what is now becoming Source’s signature starter of artichoke dip which was incredibly cheesy, oozy, yummy and naughty! A great combination and strong flavours, one of those dishes that would be an immediate crowd pleaser if served back home.

Scallops were served with their ‘best friend’ black pudding but also alongside a small serving of quinoa, which was also thoroughly enjoyed – I am yet to come across a really ‘radical’ way of serving scallops that aren’t with black pudding!

Mains came in good time once our plates were cleared. Miss Adam chose lamb onglet with giant Israeli cous cous which looked lovely and a great dish if one was after something a bit lighter.

Charmers went for the other lamb option on the menu which was served with calvolo nero and a potato gratin and came perfectly pink.

Mr D had pork (served slightly pink), new potatoes and a bright green relish with truffle running through the dish, which, as I was a terrible blogger this evening I don’t recall the exact ingredients as I didn’t photograph the menu – sorry! It was juicy, tender and the portion size was perfect. I hate it when you come out of a restaurant feeling ripped off, but then again, I also can’t deal with seeing a plate full of too much food and this was just so.

On my ploy to turn into a fish I had the gurnard, Jerusalem artichoke puree, mushrooms and onions and an additional saide of Kale with anchovies. The fish, again plentiful, cooked with a crisp skin was delicious and went well with accompanying veg a great mix of flavour, texture and colour – a well-rounded dish and one I am sure would satisfy all fish lovers.

We shared three puds between us, which were all of equal yumminess. The fondant however, stood out by a country mile mainly as I LOVE peanuts and the nutty taste was definitely apparent! It was one of those warming puds that feel like a good old hug!

Treacle Tart, Pecans, Sour Cream Ice Cream

Chocolate Fondant, Peanut and Toasted Marshmallow

Rhubarb, Ginger Ice Cream, Praline Shortbread

Source is a wonderful addition for Battersea residents and I hope this sets off a small trickle for more local restaurants to follow in its footsteps. Not only a good destination for its expertly sourced and cooked simple foods, the bar area is fantastic and the location is rather special, it’s a little romantic haven, in which you feel like you could be anywhere else but a city.

Address: Ransomes Dock, 35-37 Parkgate Rd, London SW11 4NP

Phone:020 7350 0555

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Farewell Parsons Green at Claude's Kitchen

It seems only fitting that Mr D and I's final supper in Fulham was at my most visited restaurant in London, our lovely local Claude's Kitchen.

As always Claude's staff greeted us with a warm welcome, fabulous smiles and a wonderful sounding menu

This particular evening was their Tuesday special 'two courses for £16 or three for £20' so, three courses it was.

I started with a delicious and decadent braised octopus, squid ink, tomato, pea shoots and popped spelt. An all round goodie, the octopus was amazingly tender and the sweet tommys were set well against a punch of saltiness from the ink - de-lish!

Mr D, already knowing what he was having for main decided upon the BBQ'd leeks served with goats cheese, coal oil and pumpkin jam. Another impressively looking dish.

Onto our mains...

Mackerel for me came swimming in incredibly vibrant green soup served along side rainbow chard, anchovy, vanilla and pickled root. Such lovely combinations of unusual flavours which made for a refreshing, zingy and light main course. As we're now slowly getting into Spring this was a fantastic dish to have had on such a nice sunny evening.

Mr D had pork chop which I was ever so slightly envious of (not that mine wasn't delish his was pretty much a protein perfect plate). Served with beetroot, kale, rhubarb and romesco. It was lightly infused with aniseed which wasn't hugely apparent but beings as I'm not a huge aniseed fan this was no bother to me!  


The now infamous cloud which I won't bore you about as I've gushed about this dish over and over... It's simply heaven!

Plums for the boy (no pun intended!)... Sadly I didn't try due to my inexplicable hatred for cooked fruit, but it did look rather gorgeous served with almalfi burnt cream and honeycomb.

As always Claude's is a pleasure to visit and even more of a treat to taste. We will miss being your neighbour but please reserve us a spot as regularly as possible!!

Sorry for the grainy photos I'm not one to go flashing in a restaurant to get good shots!!

Address: 51 Parsons Green Ln, London, Greater London SW6
Phone:020 7371 8517

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Kurobuta… Chelsea's little Japanese blinder

Kurobuta… Finally! Chelsea has a trendy little restaurant that seems more perfectly placed in the likes of Brixton Village or over in Shoreditch, than in the ‘quieter’ section of the King’s Rd. The issue with this is that it was near impossible to get into… until Kurobuta added another 6months onto their ‘pop up’ time frame. This makes me slightly excited that they may be staying.

Miss LoveyG and I hadn’t seen each other in yonks, having a date in the diary for a couple of weeks meant I was able to nab a table and spend the next few lunch breaks dribbling over everyone’s reviews of Kurobuta.

It’s a cute little place, mish-mashed tables and open bulbs hanging from the ceiling therefore oozing exactly what every pop up seems to do – Minimal on a budget. What they have done here which isn’t ideal is cram as many tables in as they possibly can, so, be prepared to potentially wear someone else’s cocktail or possibly feel more involved in your neighbour's conversation than your own throughout your meal.

Picture courtesy of The Evening Standard review here

Our waitress greeted us with a cocktail list and talked us through the tapas style menu suggesting 6 plates between two – ideal, but what to choose?!

Firstly I urge you to scrap the diets and no boozing and get stuck into the cocktails they’re well worth the extra calories…

Plates are small (don’t be deceived by price) and done for sharing so, in my eyes already a perfect template for a Japanese dinner. The head chef is of the Nobu academy and so are the prices, but the dishes are incredibly pretty and devilishly yummy!

We started with one of their snacks in the form of 'sweet potato and soba-ko fries with sauces. Surely any restaurant deserves an applause when you begin with what is basically crispy ‘posh chips’ and a selection of tangy sauces?! I have Googled and Googled to find out what 'soba-ho' is with no answer, the only things that comes up is a noodle dish, of which this was anything but. 

Beef taktaki arrived cooked to a perfect pinkness and with a smack of freshness from the ponzu sauce and a delicious kick from the garlic crisps… my favourite of the whole night just delicious and the meat was incredibly tender.

Salmon gravadlax and avocado tartare with dill mayo, rice crunchies and fresh yuzu zest was up next and a little too thick textured and creamy for my liking and I’m not so sure on the over powering taste of dill – in fairness to them I’m not dill’s biggest fan, he’s probably not mine either.

Baby shrimp Tempura, with spicy mayo and warm ponzu dipping sauce swiftly followed and was hidden in an array of deep fried noodles, onions and peppers a pretty dish and blooming tasty. Sadly, some of the batter had gone a little soggy by the time it had reached us, but it’s a delight to eat and that spiced mayo is so, so good!

Then the Pièce de résistance arrived in the form of sticky, succulent BBQ pork belly in steamed hirata buns served with a crunchy, sweet peanut soy sauce. O.M.G. Quite simply – WOW! Mr D will most certainly be dragged here again for a taste of these!

Possibly through sheer excitement of what we had just devoured. We had completely forgotten that we’d ordered Spicy tuna maki, rolled in tempura crunchies when it was placed in front of us. Full of flavour, housing a great crunch alongside the soft tuna and perfectly cooked rice these were some of the best maki I have eaten – FACT!

Coming to the end of our feasting it’s hard not to go all in and have desserts however feeling full enough and fancying a wander home we stopped there, extremely satisfied!
Kurobata served some of the best and more unusual sushi dishes I have seen on the London restaurant scene. I seriously hope it stays put but for now I encourage you all to go and wrestle elbows with your neighbours in this fabulous little spot.


Kurobuta POP UP Chelsea 251 Kings Road

Phone: 02034754158

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