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I have neglected my little food blog lately, the start of a new job has meant I've slightly popped it on the back burner for a week, but this is a fantastic place to start the write ups again.

I first met Luiz, the brains behind The London Foodie, at the steak secret evening late last year. After hearing about his passion for food and his love for Japanese home cooking direct from the horses mouth I decided that his supper club was a must for this year. Luckily, my lovely Miss K had a birthday and revolving most our celebrations around new restaurants to try, I booked us an evening at Luiz's supper club one Thursday evening.

He runs two types of supper clubs; one based on his Japanese home style cooked food and another of French classics.

The Japanese menu was my choice for this particular evening and never having been to a supper club before I was hugely looking forward to it. What unfolded once we had stepped through the front door completely exceeded my already high expectations.

A welcome G and T was in hand as we gathered in the living room and it was apparent to us that Luiz was cooking for around 30ppl!! Some tofu gyoza with a devilishly sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce started us off nicely however, engrossed in conversation I didn't get a snap of these, but they were delicious and rather pretty! There was also huge bowls of very moreish spiced popcorn dotted around the room - N.B. try not to fill your boots too much!!

It's BYOB and all is kept refrigerated/safely out the way until you wish to crack those bottles open (we took 3 bottles and comfortably finished these- you're here for a GOOD feasting!!).

We were then shown a seating plan and taken downstairs to the wonderful (spacious) kitchen. Luiz took us through the menu and a lot of open mouthed expressions were held around the room at the sheer volume of food and also it sounded incredible...

To start came a 'salmon sushi two ways', cubed and hand cut salmon was mixed with avocado, spring onion and soy on shiso flavoured rice and wasabi cream. This was super fresh, had a lovely silky smooth texture with a fantastic wasabi kick -  a wonderful start to the evening ahead.

Next up was a 'hot pot'. This acted as a center piece in the middle on the tables to share between 4/5 of us and added some drama to the evening. Non-technical talk it's a DIY noodle soup based dish. A hot soy and miring broth bubbled away into which we added paper thin raw beef, tofu, shirataki noodles, oyster mushrooms and spinach. This circulated the most incredible aroma around the room and also got all the guests interacting with one another whilst the broth cooked away for about 10 minutes...

Once cooking is completed (the meat to your liking) you then ladle it into your bowls (make sure you get a bit of everything in there!). Each bowl has a single raw egg cracked into them which, once the hot broth hit the egg it starts to scramble and therefore cook.

This was a brilliant dish, made even more so as it brought the table together and the rooms atmosphere really hit off. The beef was perfect and tender and the broth I could have by the mug full endlessly!

During this cooking process we were presented with one of my favourite Japanese dishes, 'Nasu Dengaku' which is grilled aubergine soaked and cooked with a sweet mirin and soy sauce. This version however was topped with mozzarella cheese. I love this for two reasons; one the sweetness of the sticky sauce goes perfectly with the aubergine and two it's just such a delight to eat, it feels very indulgent and yet there's not a single piece of protein. Luiz's version did the dish proud...

Believe it or not we are only half way through starters...

Next up was 'Okonomiyaki' a type of Japanese pancake topped with pork belly and baby squid. On top of this was a type of fish flake which had a very strong flavouring. A decent sweet and sharp from the ginger was apparent in every mouthful and a nice crunch from the pancake gave a new dimension from previous dishes.

Onto many people's favourites for the evening... An extremely pretty and delicious seared 'tuna tataki' with a punchy ponzu and sesame dressing. This had a good sharpness and cleanliness to cut through previous slightly heavier dishes, a fantastic intermedian and expertly cooked!

The main course was next up and served along with an incredibly light mixed tempura vegetable side dish.


'Oyako-Don' is a chicken and egg dish which has been poached in dashi, mirin, sake and soy with onions and peppers. This was served with rice and pickles.

The chicken was extremely tender having been velveted in the egg and left to marinate until cooked. Luckily this wasn't a huge portion as I was nearly full to bursting but through sheer enjoyment it was gone in an instant.

A pudding was provided of flour less chocolate cake with a green tea ice cream. But due to Apple's cleverly designed phones not having battery to last later than daylight my phone had died...

It was such a wonderful evening, if you're after something a little bit different then I urge you to try a supper club. It's a great way of interacting with new people and trying fantastic, innovative and new foods. Just remember you are in someone's home so treat it with respect.

The London Foodie Japanese supper club comes in at around £50pp when you add service for Luiz's hard work. After an evening like this I will be sure to visit Luiz's home again for another fantastic feast!
You can get is touch with Luiz about upcoming dates, via his blog HERE.
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