Joy King Lau - getting in my Dim Sum fix

Yes, my posts seem mainly Dim Sum/Sushi related recently but almost all of my friends request a lunch date to a dim sum restaurant in central London once a week. This is mostly because you're in and out in 40mins and you can eat relatively healthy for around £10 - perfect!

Joy King Lau has been on my hit list and I decided to head down one week day with an ex colleague of mine whom also shares the same deep love for a dim sum fix. Arriving around 12:20 it was already near to full and around 90% of the diners were Asian - surely this is only a good sign?! I am told that on weekends a large queue forms so it's best to get there early. 

Reviews have been mixed, mainly due to the staff seeming unfriendly however, on this occasion, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful when ordering. 

Neither of us were hugely hungry so we didn't go wild

To start with we had the old favourite 'prawn cheung fun' which was swimming in a warm sweet soy which was yummy! A generous portion of prawns within each of the rolls made this a great example of what was to come...

Prawn, pork and chive dumpling were a delight to eat, perfectly seasoned, nice and plump with delicious filling and the chives gave a great flavour. 

Paper wrapped prawns - one of my absolutely childhood favourites. There was ample prawn filling and the rice paper was crispy, light and not a morsel of grease - perfect! 

Great dim sum at low prices isn't always easy to come by. But lunch for two came in at £20 which I think is a bit of a steal?! And for some of the better dim sun out there... I will be returning.

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