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Each month it seems i'm finding a new favourite sushi place to knock the socks off the previous title winner... 

Dozo has two spots in London; one in South Ken and the other, which my cousin and I visited, in Soho. The tables are at floor level with holes for your feet below - getting into ones seat isn't the most flattering of manoeuvres. However, they want to make the place feel as though you're inside a Japanese tatami so traditional seating is a must.

PH and I, both going through 'health' fixes through January, decided to concentrate mainly on the sushi and 'raw' food although the ramen that was being slurped next to us did look rather inviting!

We asked whether they had any specials, a simple answer of 'large clam' was the reply and we decided to give it a go. What arrived was surf clam, sliced incredibly thinly and so pretty it was hard to dive in. 

The texture was not as I expected, thinking it was going to be a little tough, it was like very tender squid and tasted so fresh.

Next up was a vibrant sashimi salad, prawns, salmon, yellow tail and tuna. Topped with ample tobiko and drizzled in a tangy delicious citrus dressing.

We tried out the sushi in the form of a rainbow roll and this was exquisite. It was another beautifully plated dish, the freshest fish and expertly rolled into tight rounds filled with crab, avocado and topped with the rainbow sliced fish and piles of tobiko, de-licious!

We were coming to the end of our rather decadent lunch and fancied finishing on some hot dishes. An expertly grilled aubergine with sweet miso sadly dodged the photo session, but it was heavenly.

We then spied my ultimate favourite... 'miso black cod' Dozo's version was very, very good although PH said it's still not as good as Nobu's (hard competition). Deliciously sweet and buttery the dish was irresistible and rounded off the lunch perfectly and most definitely on a high. 

We treated this as a special occasion as PH and I hadn't seen each other since Christmas so, be warned, it's not cheap (circa £40 per head without any booze) but most definitely worth it for something a little bit special... 

Dozo Soho

32 Old Compton St 
London W1D 4TP
Twitter: @DozoLondon

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