Sticks N Sushi - Denmark's secret hits London!

Sticks n Sushi has now confirmed it's top sushi spot after a second visit for lunch. The restaurant from the outside is super sleek - so much so you may miss it and the interior is stunning... I was sold on first glance...

That's before we've even started on the food. 

I have been lucky enough to bag a 'walk in' table twice now at Covent Garden however it is almost certainly best to not hedge your bets, and make a booking (or go early doors). Once seated you are presented with two food menus, one a la carte and another made up of set sushi menu's for one or more people. It's obvious that there's pride in what they do purely from the food photography... 

tummies rumbling yet?

I chose a set menu for one the 'mixed emotions' and souped it up with some salmon tartar - I was told I 'had to try it' by a friend of mine whom was already a fan. This came first and was totally gorgeous to look at, extremely fresh and absolutely delicious. The trout roe added a nice saltiness and the addition of chives, ginger and red onion gave the dish a welcome kick. 

The great thing about the service here is that the food isn't brought to you all at once. My sushi came first, as hoped, and I must say as a solo diner the mixed emotions is a fantastic way of trying as much of the menu as possible (and also getting rather full!). 

Four inside out rolls: 1 black alaska (salmon, cream cheese, avocado topped with tobiko), 1 x sparkling tuna (tuna, spicy sauce, leeks and cucumber topped with red tobiko), 1 x dreamy California (Miso aioli, surimi, avocado, cucumber, rolled in sesame, seaweed, poppy seeds, chilli and shiso)and finally 1 x Mamma Mia roll (avocado, cucumber, rolled in chives and wasabi) all of which were excellent. Particularly the sparkling tuna.

This also came with three types of nigiri (shrimp, tuna and salmon) again all very fresh and a perfectly sized for a mouthful. 

Finally two futomaki rolls called 'gypsy big' - seared fish, spicy sauce, avocado, cucumber, chilli, onion, ginger and unagi sauce. These rolls were my favourite out of the sushi dishes, mainly because they were a little bit different to your usual inside out rolls and nigiri. The flavours here were excellent. 

Onto the sticks...

Starting to feel a little full I decided to merely taste the potato salad which was lovely however I was here for the main event of which is the restaurants' name sake...

The asparagus with bacon was cooked with the perfect bite and a dish that I create at home with 'dippy eggs' - however with less finesse!  

Miso marinated pork was succulent and nicely charred.

Chicken tsukune which was minced chicken made into small meatballs and then covered in a devilishly sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce. 

Potato salad and edamame
My lunch including service came in at just under £30 so it's not a regular lunch spot. However, all ingredients are super fresh, beautifully plated and when cooked, done to absolute perfection - some of the best sushi I have eaten. You also have to take into account that this is a restaurant and not your average sushi haunt so don't expect average prices. It's so totally worth it I cannot wait to return - maybe this time for an evening shin-dig.

It's no wonder the Danes have kept it to themselves for so long!

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