Guest blog - 4 of the Tastiest Ice Cream Flavours in The World!

I love it when readers want to write posts and Adam got in touch with me regarding a rather exciting guest blog post... it's now made me crave ice cream even on a cold wet day like today... enjoy!!  

4 of the Tastiest Ice Cream Flavours in The World

Ice cream is one of those foods that everyone has felt guilty about having too much of. Mainly due to its delicious taste and our big bowls. In this post we will discuss four of the tastiest ice cream flavours in the world and who they’re made by.

1. Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

Probably not the best name for an ice cream, however this definitely doesn't taste of fish food, don’t ask how I know. This is one of the richest and thickest ice creams that you can find on the market today. Filled with fish-shaped chocolate chunks and huge pieces of chewy marshmallow, the Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream is definitely one to look out for.

2. Mendip Moments Lemon Curd

Having won awards for it’s taste the Mendip Moments Lemon Curd ice cream brings out the most sensational tasting vanilla and lemon ice cream you can buy in the UK. Mendip Moments won a coveted gold star at the Taste of the West awards making this one of the tastiest vanilla ice creams you can find in the UK at the moment.

3. Mackie’s of Scotland Chocolate Mint

Using locally sourced ingredients the Mackie’s Chocolate Mint ice cream provides a creamy, tasty and reasonably priced luxury ice cream that any parlour would love to have in their ice cream freezers. In my opinion this is definitely the best chocolate mint ice cream in the world.

4. Beechdean Honey & Ginger

The Beechdean Honey & Ginger ice cream is probably my favourite ice cream available. The flavour is simply sensational. The sweet honey hit by a touch of spice provided by the ginger brings a beautiful mix of combinations that your taste buds absolutely love. In Beechdean’s Honey and Ginger ice cream the kick of ginger is not too overpowered due to the perfect portion of honey and smooth Jersey milk.

Wildcard: Simmo’s Whiskey Prune

Simmo’s Ice Creamery in Australia offer this wacky, yet tasty ice cream in the home of wacky ice cream flavours. Mainly due to the fact that this ice cream company leave out the eggs and use local Jersey cow milk. Unfortunately the recipe for this ice cream is kept secret, passed down from Irish roots, it is a smooth mascarpone ice cream with whiskey-soaked prunes mixed in with a delicious whiskey ripple.

Which is your favourite? Is it included in this list? If not, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments or on social media. Comment below or tweet us at @CorrChilled and @aSWfoodie.

This guest post was written by Adam Stevens from Corr Chilled, a commercial refrigeration company offering ice cream display freezers, ice makers and display fridges to name just a few. Adam is a foodie at heart and absolutely loves a good ice cream by the seafront.

Adam Stevens
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