Flesh and Buns - Sushi, Hirata and s'mores

So, recently I have been craving clean, lean and healthy foods... what better way to kick this than to find a restaurant where flesh is their name and meat is their game. 

Flesh and Buns is the baby sister to that of incredibly successful tummy warming Bone Baddies whose Tonkotsu is one of the best I've eaten. Knowing this, I was definitely in for a treat in a whole other dimension. 

The brother and I fancied a chin wag mid week and knowing our love of sushi and also wanting to take him somewhere 'weird and wonderful' I thought instantly of Flesh and Buns. It's relaxed, rough around the edges and fun housed in one of the old cellars the rooms is pretty dramatic too...we were there early doors at 6:15pm...

We decided on a nibble of 'chips and dip' which are basically enormous fried crackers served with an avocado dip and a chilli tomato dip.

We wanted to try a couple of the starters and looking at other tables many couples seemed to share three or four between them. We decided on two so as not to stuff ourselves before the 'buns'. 

Our choices were:

The Soft shell crab roll with jalapeƱo mayo and chives was one of the most crisp and delicate tempura batters I have ever eaten, the crab legs flailing in the air it looked fantastic and was delicious. 

Opting for something a little lighter was the excellent and extremely beautiful sashimi platter (salmon, tuna and yellow tail).

The high table in the middle by now was teaming with people all on different stages of their meal. Spying the buns we were beginning to get excited for what was to come. 

From the menu, you choose your flesh for your buns (although you can have rice) and there's a choice of 10 (fish or meat) all of which are served with lettuce, cucumber, sauce and pickles. Hearing fantastic things we went for the crispy piglet belly with mustard miso and raw pickled apple. 

You get your little fluffed up cloud of a bun (2 per person is more then enough), open, smear sauce, lettuce, pickles and then your flesh... take a bite

The pork was succulent, incredibly well cooked, not too fatty and the perfect amount of crispy crackling to give the bun a fantastic crunch. The meat literally melts in your mouth and the sauce the perfect sweet accompaniment. This was both my bro and I's favourite of the evening.


Our other choice of flesh was the crispy duck leg, served with a sour plum sauce and beetroot pickle. The meat again, perfectly cooked, incredibly juicy and deliciously naughty crisp skin. The only issue was that the pork stood out so much that this lost it's wow factor a little. However on it's own or against another dish it probably would have held center stage, as it was really good!

The only issue with this type of food is that your meal never lasts long enough. Wanting a little while longer with my No. 1 bro we ordered dessert to share...

A fire pit arrived...

Followed by marshmallows, biscuits and a green tea chocolate to make our DIY s'mores!

You toast your marshmallow until caramelised and bubbling, the smell is absolutely divine!

You then sandwich this between the biscuits and chocolate and enjoy...

An incredibly innovative and delicious ending to an extremely fun, unique and fantastic meal! Flesh and Buns is a great place for every type of meal, although next time, I'll definitely be getting stuck into the cocktails!

Our meal for two came just shy of £80 including drinks and service. 

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