Leong's Legend - tasty Dim Sum in Soho

My friend and I had a slight hangover and thus meaning I had one of two cravings - dim sum or sushi. Today dim sum was calling and therefore being a short hop to Soho I decided to try somewhere other than my beloved New World. 

Hearing mixed reviews about the Taiwanese restaurant Leong's Legend I decided to try it for myself one lunch and left with my craving content. The restaurant is set out simply and similar to a small Chinese tea house, lots of wood, low tables and as traditional exterior as possible in Soho.

Exterior pic found here

Prawn and pork Sui Mai were good if a little over cooked but still yummy pockets of juicy meat and prawn for £3.50 you can#t complain!

Char Sui buns were light, fluffy and filled with mountains of gorgeously sticky sweet pork (£2.80) 

Crystal Prawn dumplings were some of the best I've had if I wasn't so full I would have ordered two of these. The dumpling dough was light and the filling was a perfect mix of minced and whole prawn. 

I always, always order one more dish as I'm more or less finishing and then immediately regret it as I'm then over-full... in this case it was my favourite roast pork Cheung Fun. The rice flower wrapping was perfectly thin and bouncy but I prefer when the filling is sliced in larger peices and in this case it was minced, which gave a rather sloppy texture and sadly I didn't enjoy Leong Legend's version. See my post of Royal China for their Cheung fun.

The whole meal came to £13 which when sharing between two is next to nothing and we left pretty happy. Leong's Legend does good dim sum but by not means perfect then again I'm not sure you can expect flavour fireworks for £6.50pp. A perfect little pit stop should you need to fix a craving.

4 Macclesfield St, W1D

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