K10 Sushi - incredible value for a conveyor belt

There's not a huge amount I can say for sushi without sounding like a total OTT foodie weirdo as I absolutely love it... my favourite is still Kulu Kulu in South Kensington, (and) luckily near where I work in Covent Garden they have another branch. 

Last week I (nervously) branched out and found myself in the city for a quick lunch with Mr D. Knowing me far too well we ventured down to K10 Sushi's basement restaurant and stuffed our faces on good quality sushi conveyor belt style! I would place it bang in the middle of Yo Sushi and Itsu in South Ken when looking at conveyor belt sushi joints. Leaning more towards Itsu as some dishes are presented so beautifully and the quality is higher than that of Yo! But the prices remain comparable to Yo Sushi also which makes this all the better. 

The fish is exceptionally fresh, some dishes are innovative and unique to K10 and I would say definitely try something new here as you won't be disappointed. We had the following (and more which I forgot to photograph - fatties)  

Salmon rolls:

Mixed tempura - delicious and an excellently light batter

Tuna and Salmon California rolls

Seared pepper tuna with ponzu dressing and onion crispy 'bits' (half eaten)

Chicken Karaage one of the best i've eaten the chicken was still juicy and the batter was light, crunchy and not a grease spot in sight!

Teriyaki chicken - Mr D's fave

Chicken Katsu Curry - not the best but still enjoyable.

Lunch = Done and delicious I'll be visiting in no time!! A perfect place to grab a quick work lunch, you lucky people whom work near Moorgate!

20 Copthall Ave, London EC2R 7DN
020 7562 8510

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