Chinese crispy aromatic duck - healthy version (ish)

Most Sunday evenings Mr D and I treat ourselves to Chinese duck pancakes and sit in front of the tele watching Homeland, movies and preparing ourselves to be back at work on Monday. After a roast lunch it's the perfect evening supper to not fill you up too much.

This weekend I decided to make it from scratch - the easy way and try find a healthier version. Therefore I wrapped them in lettuce leaves instead of pancakes, this also gives a really nice crunch to them and sat the Duck on a rack to stop it sitting in the fat. 

You will need this feeds 4 people:

1 x 2kg duck

Chinese Five Spice

2 x Iceburg lettuce
Plum or hoi sin sauce - I use Itsu's reduce salt one

1/2 cucumber - sliced into matchsticks

1 bunch of spring onions - sliced into matchsticks

That's it!

Preheat the oven to 170ºC gas mark 3. Rub your duck with a lot of salt inside included (don't worry most falls off!) then dust with the Chinese five spice. 

Place onto a roasting rack over a tray to catch the fat. 

That's all you need to do now for 2.5hrs but check on it every now and then and pour the fat our of the cavity. 

I whack the heat up to 180ºC for the last 20mins or so to get the skin real crisp!

Whilst this is cooking prep your veg and lettuce. Make your leaves into cup shapes ready to hold your meat.

Rest the duck for 10mins or so before carving and then shred by using two forks to get smaller pieces or a knife if easier. Put it on a big serving platter or board in the middle of the table to serve.

Take a lettuce leaf, put some duck, a bit of onion, some cucumber and then squidge a bit of your sauce on top... roll it up and it's ready to go!


Approx 130cals per serving. Cheaper than the take away too!

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