Blok Knives - Beautiful handmade Kitchen knives

My new baby arrived...

In the form of a razor sharp and perfectly crafted paring knife. This has proved to be one of my more useful purchases in the kitchen - I am a kitchen gadget/novelty item freak! My drawers are full of garlic peeler's, chilli choppers and the likes. Some used weekly, others hardly touched but I love people's inventions to make cooking easier - the banana saver thingy however I just.don't.get...

So, let me talk you though my perfect knife...  I first heard of Blok knives through my father. They are handmade in Derbyshire, which is where I was born, and therefore I love that this is supporting a local craftsman. 

Ben Edmonds set out on a mission - to make 'the best knives possible' and 'Blok knives' was born.

Each knife is unique, handmade and pretty gorgeous if you ask me... it's probably the sexiest item I own in the kitchen. There's no surprise Chef's such as Sat Bains and Tom Herbert are already using Blok knives personally and I'm sure Blok's name will soon be in every knife block across the country. 

Once contacted, Ben will talk you through the metals available at the time - in my case it was Carbon steel however Stainless steel is also on offer. 

It's the sharpest knife I have ever owned. Sometimes thus meaning it can be a little scary to use but it has totally changed my thinking into buying knives - it's worth spending the money to get something you will treasure for a long time. 

The handles are hand carved from pieces of specially sourced pieces of wood. Mine is made from Ebony and other knife handles are shown below - a photo I pinched off Blok's instagram feed:

I think you'll agree they are things of beauty. Ben's mission of making 'the best knives possible' has been met bang on. I cannot wait to add to my collection. 

Should you wish to own one for yourself there is a small wait time - good things do come to those that wait!! They're priced at £140 for the paring knife and £240 for 'The Chef'.

You can contact Ben here the website is visit and see one being made from start to finish - it's rather fascinating! 

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