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Royal China has always been 'up there' with Dim Sum lovers and you're lucky to get a spot in the smaller of the branches on Fulham Road on a weekend for some steamed delights. I was, on this occasion, lucky to bag an early spot and settled in with my book for some 'me time' and stuff my face with one of my ultimate food heavens. 

I don't entirely know where my love for Dim Sum started, I do think my cousin Mr H is to blame, and it costs me a small fortune as my cravings come in thick and fast. It has now been around for almost my whole London existence and has picked me up at low times, helped hugely with hangovers and ultimately been the destination for a number of wonderful catch ups - Dim Sum, I thank you. 

Sauces for dipping
I always over-order when eating solo, never deciding what I want and always usually trying something new. Therefore always getting a little parcel to take away and nibble at throughout the day. 

The menu here is slightly smaller than that of the Bayswater branch but the food is just as good and the service, impeccable. They also do traditional Chinese dishes so perfect if you're heading here with someone who isn't a Dim Sum fan. 

I ordered the following:

Char Siu Pork cheung fun, which was delicately wrapped in the glossy and silky cheung fun. The pork char siu was delicious and definitely not held back on portion. 

Vietnamese Spring rolls, one of my favourites. Thin and crispy rolls filled with glass noodles and a mixture of thinly sliced veggies really delicate and a really good crunchy texture in contrast to many other dim sum items. These are so more-ish I dunk them in the dipping vinegar and gobble them up pretty quickly.  

Scallop and prawn siu mai, slightly 'ugly' looking and I sadly thought a little over cooked. The caviar topping looked a little dulled, but still tasty and bursting with both the scallop and prawns. These went perfectly well with all the dipping sauces. 

Shanghai pork dumplings, these were so good. This time waiting a little before popping the whole thing in so that the enclosed broth didn't burn my mouth -lesson learnt on last visit. The pork  centre was succulent, broth plentiful and tasty the dumpling wrapping again, perfect consistency.

I can almost never fault my time at Dim Sum restaurants as they always cheer me up no end. I left happy, stuffed and swinging my little bag of left over goodies to be eaten within a short moment at home (I cannot resist a second seating as they cry to me from the fridge!!)

Royal China is a bit of an institution in Fulham and my advice would be to get there early as many tables sit down for the duration. It's not THE best but it's certainly one of the better ones I've had. All this cost me around £14 which I think is more than a bargain. 

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Royal China on Urbanspoon

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