Quest for the best Ramen... Bone Daddies...

Now... wait for it... I actually think I've found a contender for the top spot so far for my quest for the best Ramen....just look at how delicious this looks... 

hungry right?

Bone Daddies has always stuck in my mind when I visited within it's first months of opening with my 'here she is' (*uni joke) Lou, however this was before my blogging days and well before 'quest for the best'. 

On a weekday lunch time I arrived around 12:15 to walk straight in as a solo diner. Seated by the window and quickly served.

The menu is short and simply described - perfect for a wizz in and out lunch. There was only one thing I wanted and that was the Tonkotsu Ramen, spring onion, Shashu pork in a 20hr pork broth and a side of (swoon) soft shell crab with a green chilli ginger sauce. 

They have the usual condiments on the shelves in front of you chilli oil, fresh garlic, soy, sesame seeds and... hairbands?! although after this slurpy lunch I probably should have taken advantage of these. 

I ordered a water - hurahhhhh!!!! not even a 'tap or bottled?' question and a self-bottled tap water arrived. 

My crab arrived and I was literally as happy as larry... perfectly crisp, light and juicy soft shelled crab (3 generous pieces) were coated in an incredibly light tempura. One of the best I have ever come across - (hats off Bone Daddy master) 

Not to concentrate on the crab... that Perfect amount of spiced kick and a simple hit of ginger through each dippage. This was literally the schizzle and I could have mopped it all up (if I hadn't gobbled the crab so quickly!!) or poured into my mouth (if I wasn't concious of the punters next to me)

Onto the Ramen... This has sadly knocked the socks off my beloved Shoryu and Tonkotsu it was silky, porky and delicious! The depth of flavour here was like no other broth I have had (yet). The shashu pork was delicate, sweet and juicy. No piece of chewy fat present throughout and it was also generous in portion. Not a half, but a whole perfectly cooked runny egg and the most incredible 'garlic crisps' I have come across (incredibly edible - watch out Mr D!!). I added extra beansprouts here and a good dollop of chilli oil (naturally). 

The noodles had the perfect bite and spring to them and were seriously enjoyable

Just to show you guys again....

The overall bill came to £22.50 which, yes, for a solo lunch isn't the cheapest but for such a huge bowl of goodess what more do you expect?! Well done Bone Daddies you have set the bar pretty high... 

No bookings: 31 Peter Street , LondonUK W1F 0AR

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