Finger Lickin' crispy, sticky chicken wings...

My boy has recently been super good to me due to being ill so last night I attempted to make one of his favourite meals, and apparently passed with flying colours...

Hot and spicy, crispy, sticky wings... I cheat and use a bottled sauce which I would suggest for ease. However I will post up a sauce you can use soon. 

The crispy bit was my challenge as once smothered in sauce I was worried that they'd go soggy however they didn't (hooo rahhhh) and so here's how to do them...

You will need:

Chicken wings
Plain flour
Vegetable or sunflower oil for frying
DEEP pan - I used a wok
Sauce of Choice - I used Franks (Similar if not the same as The Big Easy's choice)

C'est tout!!

In a dish put in 2 handfuls of flour and season.

Pour about 3-4 inches of oil into your pan and heat on high. 

Whilst your pan is heating get your chicken wings and cover them in the flour. (make sure every bit is covered)

Get some pincers and lower your chicken into the oil slowly if it doesn't start bubbling IMMEDIATELY take it out for a few more minutes - the oil isn't hot enough.

Once bubbling place your wings into the pan fleshy side down and keep turning over until golden (approx 10-12 minutes). I did mine in a couple of batches which is more manageable. 

They should look like this...

In a large bowl pour in your sauce I use 'Frank's' and this was the 'Xtra' hot one which for chilli fiends actually blew our heads off... so I'd go for the Original one. You can now find it in Waitrose and some Tesco's however I buy mine from Amazon

Toss your wings in the sauce to cover and serve immediately. I sprinkled on some spring onion ends and also did a batch with sesame seeds on which worked really well. 

Messy, crunchy and moreish. Fill a big bowl, gets some mates and some cold beers perfect to accompany the Rugby games with!  

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