Claude's Kitchen...another visit to my fave

Last night was a double dater and one of those times where you're really proud to be taking people that mean a lot to you somewhere you absolutely love to eat in. 

Those of you that follow my little blog will know how much I ADORE Claude's Kitchen. The food is second to none and as always Claude puts ingredients together in a way that makes even the simplest of things taste like heaven. Make sure you leave room for puds are they are insanely good!!!

My menu last night:

Scallops, Sea Purslane, Chilli, Sesame, Chorizo Oil, Rocket

Curried Beetroot, Pickles, Flat Bread, Tamarind, Coriander - Lentils

70% Dark Choc, Beet, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Eucalyptus
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