Barossa brunch...a Fulham local

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Barossa has always been one of my favourite places to spurge out on the weekend and grab a bite to eat over weekend papers and a good cup of warming coffee. It's Aussie ran so expect blooming good coffee and huge portions!

It's always crazy busy on the weekend from opening until close and recently opening for dinner during the week (Kangaroo is being served) Barossa is becoming a firm favourite with us SW6 brunch munchers (if it isn't already). 

I'm extremely unadventurous and go for the same thing every time 'Corn fritters with smoked bacon, avocado, rocket and tommmy chilli jam'. It's mindblowingly good. The three huge, corn packed fritters are unbeatable (I have attempted before with miserable results), the batter is crunchy and fluffy and a distinct corn taste is throughout. Pair this with the avocado and insanely good chilli jam which packs a punch and you more or less get what I feel is heaven in a breakfast mouthful!

My slightly delicately feeling brother and his rather too gorge g/f Miss SS went for the 'Aussie breakfast' (scrambled or poached egg choice) which was gobbled up quickly and another two happy customers left content. FYI if any of you are pancake fans the ones going past our noses looked incredibly good. Another thing to note is the cakes en route out are super scrummy looking - the carrot cake/muffin definitely has my name on it, and for those of you that LOVE coffee I am told theirs is second to none (I sadly can't drink too much, if any, caffeine). 

Pic taken from Busters best

Tea Contraption
It's without doubt my choice of local breakfast haunts and has such a wonderful 'pick me up' feeling in the morning. The staff are a delight (or in this case a fright as they were dressed for Halloween!), service is always with that great Australian spirit and it's obvious the staff really enjoy working there.

277 New Kings Road Fulham, London, SW6 4RD

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