The Surprise... a fantastic Chelsea boozer

I was in two minds about posting my trip to The Surprise and below will explain why however I do think they excelled in service and therefore it warrants a write up.

It was Sunday afternoon and a birthday of one of my dearest and longest standing friends. 17 of us took over the upstairs dining room (which is fab by the way) and nestled in for a good feeding and curing of hangovers and tiredness. 

A Geronimo Inn pub, The Surprise is described as 'a little haven in the heart of Chelsea' and I don't think it could be said any better. Roaring fires and uniquely covered sofas and chairs make the place appear homely and quirky. Somewhere great to get stuck into a good bottle of read and decent conversation. 

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Due to numbers we had pre ordered. Which is always dangerous when you do not know exactly what one's hangover will depict what it may feel like on the actual day. I however went with excitement in that fact that I still wanted exactly what I had ordered - no hangover this day #smug.

The Sunday lunch menu reads well. Roasts being the main attraction and deliciously British and light sounding starters.

I chose the Lobster, Devon crab and avocado 'Pannacotta'. This came with buttered brown toast and micro leaves. Packing full punch on flavour this was very different to what I was expecting but delicious. Crab came through strongly and the texture was exactly as one would expect of a pannacotta. Marvellous!

Mr D had the 'Celtic promise' Macaroni cheese which I must say was incredible and very. very cheesy. 

The main is sadly where my worry as to whether to write up at all comes into play. I ordered Salmon with, peas, broad beans (not present) and beure blanc (on the side as I don't often like too much sauce). This was sadly forgotten about and came rather late. It looked super but noticed the skin was not crispy. These thoughts aside I cut into it and realised it was totally uncooked - cry!!

The lovely waiter was extremely apologetic and came back with a chicken or a beef option 'on us' (I gave them the option of a roast over another fish, if it was easier and quicker for them). This was gigantic and extremely well cooked. The potatoes were crispy and fluffy on the inside and the chicken was delicious. Trimmings were a plenty and I even had envy of the people around me as they had given me two yorkies... So all in all a rather delicious meal. If they had not have been so wonderful with their (I assume rare) miss-hap, I probably wouldn't have bothered to write up. But it is good to know that when some restaurants make mistakes they are able to admit with dignity and replace in a flash. All other 16 meals were delicious, which is no easy feat on a Sunday. 

Mr D's pork loin, for example, was perfect and we had 16.5 very happy tummies. 

Mess up aside it is a gorgeous pub,fantastic atmosphere, a wonderful wine list and impeccable staff. I am desperate to find an excuse to use that wonderful upstairs room for sole purpose. A hidden gem and one I hope to visit more often. 

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  1. Address: 6 Christchurch Terrace, Chelsea, London, Greater London SW3 4AJ
    Phone:020 7351 6954

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