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This week and last this city has held London Restaurant Festival, where us Londoner's and visitors can get a taste from some of our greats for a bargain deal... browsing on book-a-table for the incredible deals you can have I settled on Sake no Hana, four courses, a glass of bubbly all for £29 - great in many ways but mainly as I hadn't visited yet.

A branch off the Hakkasan family tree it has the sleek and minimal vibe that most Japanese eateries have, however with the Hakkasan touch of modern and unusual décor with decent music to get you in the party mood. With its elder sister branch being one of my fondest family memories I was hopeful that I was in for a treat. 

Being a particularly bad gf and totally forgetting Mr D isn't the biggest fan of sushi I suddenly panicked and told him to honestly say if 'he'd rather not'. Luckily, we both fancied a night on the town and it turned out that this was actually the perfect place.

Greeted by friendly staff we were escorted up the narrow, dramatic escalator into the vast, modern dining room. We were there early straight after work and already a nice hum of an atmosphere was apparent. The cocktail menu is vast and extremely tempting however I stuck to my guns and had the glass of prosecco (followed by a couple more after!!). Mr D opted for the Sake No Hana beer.

The Taste of Sake No Hana consists of four courses and having a choice of two or more different dishes per course.

You start off with soup or スープ in Japanese. I chose the Koimo Akadasi which is a red miso soup with a yam croquette, a much more dense and punchy flavoured soup to the normal Miso we’re used too.

Mr D has the Koimo Shiro Misoshiru – a white miso soup also with a croquette. Both soups were a lovely start to the meal. The white miso soup, being the favourite out of the two. Both had ample Chinese mushrooms and the yam croquettes were (cleverly) still crunchy on the outside considering they were bobbing around in a warm broth.


We again chose two different things: TORI SUKIYAKI TOBAN 鶏すき焼き陶板 AKA ‘Sukiyaki chicken’ which was in a sweet sticky sauce surrounded with veg and tofu. The chicken was to die for and therefore comes highly recommended.

The BEEF HOBAYAKI ビーフ朴葉焼き (which has a £5 supplement) was good, but it lost out to the chicken dish. It exceeded on the wow factor (it’s brought to you on a small hot plate to cook itself) however it sadly didn't have much flavour and the pink pepper corns were a little over powering. 

We also ordered an extra dish of vegetable tempura which was expertly done and held it's crunch when dipped in the sauce. 


We both had the SPICY CHIRASHI MAKI and CRUNCHY YASAI MAKI スパイシーちらし巻きとクランチー野菜巻き. This was a delicious maki sushi roll with 4 different fish - salmon, yellow tail, sea bream and sea bass.

The vegetable yasi maki’s were delicious and the Japanese breadcrumbs gave great texture.


DESSERT OF THE DAY 本日のデザート was a selection of Japanese ice creams. The flavours on offer were citrus, salted caramel (my fave), vanilla, green tea and mango. A refreshing and lovely ending to the four courses served with a rich, dark chocolate sauce.

Sake No Hana is an experience in itself, fabulous cocktails, a wonderful dining room, pleasant staff and the Taste menu is excellent value. We left without feeling horribly full and definitely happy customers. I look forward to visiting for the a la carte with excitement already. 

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23 St James's St, London, SW1A

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  1. Thanks for your insightful comments! I've just booked the £29 deal for my GF's bday this sat ... looking forward to it!

    1. have a wonderful time - the cocktails are delicious! Enjoy! x