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Ramen-mania has hit London in the past few months and I fell in love with the stuff a while back before my little blogging days at Bone Daddies. I have now started a mini search into finding the best close to work and today's treat was exceptional.

Shoryu Ramen's motto is 'It's in our bones' referencing to the laborious pork bone stock the ramen is made with, and therefore I knew they were serious about their foods. After reading up I knew I had to be there at opening to avoid a queue, and so I briskly walked over for 12pm. So much so, that my feet are now blistered - dam you new converse!! I arrived and to my surprise there was no queue, and only one other gentleman happily slurping away at his bowl of goodness -n.b a hefty queue had formed once I was finishing up around 12:40.

Upon entering, you are greeted with happy faces and a hello from every member of staff, all of whom are super friendly. 

Solo dining meant I was at the bar style seating at the window, perfect people watching and also for reading my book. Presented with the menu I knew what I wanted almost instantly. 

Desperate to try the also new craze that's hitting London of 'Hirata buns' I ordered a single bun with roasted pork. The light, steamed bun came perfectly fluffy, chewy and bursting with spicy, succulent and tender roasted pork belly. The cucumber and lettuce gave a welcome sharpness and cleanliness to the whole thing.

Onto the main event and basically why I was there... 

There are 8 different Tonkotsu ramen available and 6 other noodle-broth based dishes. Tonkotsu is the rich pork broth which I associate with the Ramen-mania and therefore I went with the Piri-Piri Tonkotsu. A huge vat of (bear with...) chilli broth, bbq pork, egg, mushrooms, beansprouts, spring onions, sesame, ginger, nori and garlic oil was placed in front of me and the smell was delicious... I could have dived straight in. This is big, bold flavour eating and seriously warming on a gloomy autumnal day like today. The thinly sliced pork belly was to die for and a soft gooey egg was cooked perfectly. Noodles were light and plentiful but the main star of the show was, thankfully, the broth, which was soothing, yummy, creamy goodness. The chilli kick was apparent, but not over powering and the pork flavouring was again not over done, making this a perfectly balanced ramen in my view... 

A great place for a quick lunch or a casual evening meal, it's no wonder AA Gill gave this tummy warming place 4*'s. Now onto the next...

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