Dirty burger... oh my days

Warning this may make you drool... 

I never thought I'd see the day where I would find a burger joint to rival my beloved Patty and Bun... however I've found a close contender...

Under the railway arches and almost impossible to find (for us)- we walked round the same roads and back again about three times - no jokes, all 9 of us girls failed horribly with our Google-map apps!?! We finally came across the shack like burger joint that is Dirty Burger.

It has one of, if not the smallest menu's I have ever come across.

Just one type of cheese burger and that's it! Fries are either crinkle cut or onion fries and thats the end of the menu - unless you're coming in for breakie and in that case there's bacon or sausage and egg. 


A few bar stools are scattered around a some tables outside for those brave enough to eat in the Autumnal chill... 

My burger arrived along side fat crinkle cut fries (although I am now told it's the onion fries which everyone raves about...bugger). The prime beef patty (Ginger Pig sourced and butchered) is cooked as you order, in the open kitchen so you can watch your dirty meal every step of the way. The cheese is steamed in a dome and then again with the bun top on. An absolute pleasure to eat. It was slightly pink and with a crisp outside exactly how I like my burgers. Accompanying the burger was shredded lettuce, tomato, delicious cheese, 'special sauce' and pickles - delicious!

The crinkle cut fries are triple cooked and were much better than I was expecting given that all their effort must go into this burger...in fact they were very good - if a little too salty for me. Exceptionally crispy but with a decent amount of fluffy potato in the center. 

The lovely staff
A strong contender for London's numero uno burger and two big massive thumbs up from me... a great Friday night spot for a quick naughty treat!!
Arch 54
6 South Lambeth Rd
0207 074 1444

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Dirty Burger on Urbanspoon
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