The Dairy, Clapham

Clapham is becoming a real little foodie haven... with Trinity just down the road and the fantastic Moen's butchers The Dairy has picked a perfect spot for it's seasonal menu and fantastic ingredients. Four of us popped over for a natter over some delicious and innovative foods last Thursday and were pleasantly surprised... 

There are a few tables at the front free for walk ins, and the bar has a fantastic rustic feel to it - very much like Bistro Union further down the road. Friendly staff are happy to chat to you as you wait for your table and perch on hand made bar stools. It has a very relaxed charm and a great atmosphere that isn't always easy to find at 6:45 on a week night... several of my friends have been here and absolutely raved about it, so I was looking forward to a feast!

The drinks menu has classic cocktails, beers and delicious wines... have a glass of 'La Boheme' 2011, it was absolutely dreamy!

The menu has a bit of a 'Dabbous' feel it to with suggestions of 3/4 plates per person to complete a meal, which will be brought out as a first course, second etc etc. 

Home baked bread was served piping hot with churned marrow butter (divine and horribly more-ish when one may be counting calories!!). This kept us occupied whist we looked through the dishes and found it near impossible to choose.

Split into five sections: snacks are to be shared or taken as an individual course, Garden, Sea, Land and the Sweet. Our waitress suggests one from each to create a 4 course individual menu. I didn't photograph all mainly just mine and Mr D's but the whole menu is divine!

An amuse bouche of chilled gazpacho arrived and was slurped up in an instant... perfectly seasoned and an absolute treat of a 'freebie'...

My 'Garden' choice was the Fresh Cocoa beans, egg yolk, Scottish Girolles. Simple, fresh flavours making this dish a superb starter and the girolles being the stand out flavour of the whole dish. One thing to note also is the crockery throughout the meal is absolutely gorgeous... i'm now on a hunt to find the plates and bowls! 

Mr D had courgettes, basil, buffalo milk curd and toasted pumpkin seeds. Another deliciously fresh, pretty and tasty dish to kick start the feast ahead. 

For the 'Sea' course I had the Diver scallop with caramel, cauliflower and malt.This was both Miss JJ's and I's favourite savoury dish although all are pretty close to the number one spot of the evening. My favourite element of the dish was the scallop crisp (the think brown petal like shapes on the plate). The caramel wasn't overpowering at all against the delicate shellfish which was perfectly cooked and super succulent.  

The boys went rogue here and both had a second 'Land' course Mr D had the suckling Pig belly, carrot, almond and ale pickle onions. Which looked delicious and had a decent slab of crisp crackling.

Miss JJ had a Garden dish here of peas, celery, mint and fried bread, also delicious.

For my 'Land' I had the lambs sweetbreads, anchovies, roof top garden salad. The sweetbreads were lightly fried in breadcrumbs, keeping their texture, and were seriously tasty, more-ish, plentiful and as the waitress stated 'something you could easily nibble at all day'.

Wanting to get the most out of the meal we dived straight into puddings. Myself and Mr E having the salted caramel, biscuits and malted barley ice cream. No where near as sickly as it may look below this pudding was one of the best sweets I have ever tasted, ever! Knocking the socks off the past few delicious desserts I have had... Mr E even went as far as saying it was as good if not better than the sweet treats at the Pollen Street dessert bar!!

The rest of the foursome having a much more elegant Hay ice cream, toffee apple and citrus ice.

Petit fours came in a gorgeous vintage sweet tin and consisted of, Apple jelly, a type of buttered biscuit and the most amazing mini cinnamon doughnuts still warm...mmmmmm...

The Dairy is bang on trend at the moment, seasonal produce shown off in the best possible way. I fear it will only get more expensive as the crowds descend. Its not just great cooking, it's fantastic cooking right on you lucky Claphamites door step!! 

A meal for two with drinks and service costs about £100. A seven-course tasting menu is £45-per-head. 15 The Pavement, SW4., tel.0207 622 4165

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