Le Relais de Venise...

The girls and Mr C were in need of a catch up and to semi celebrate Miss E turning one year older (she'd already had 2 celebrations so why not have another!?). After much deliberation we settled on the infamous Relais de Venise AKA L'Entrecôte in The City (it has been a very French week after my last post!)...

If you haven't been before it is an absolute must, for the food? yes, but also for the entire concept. I've enjoyed every visit here as much as the last. Try not to come here with a vegetarian as all they do is a plate of cheese... 

Firstly, there are no menus. You're asked whether you want your steak 'blue, rare, medium or well done' by the cutely dressed French waitresses, and then given the wine list. I would recommend the Relais red if you're happy with decent plonk for £17 a bottle. But they do have a few other bottles extending to £55. 

Our lovely waitress and fabulous Miss B
The starter comes which is a green salad, walnuts and French bread. Simple but perfectly good, a light tangy mustard dressing, crisp salad leaves and a smattering of walnuts- exactly what you'd expect and there's only so much you can say about a starter salad... 

But onto the 'main' and what every City man, woman and child comes for the entrecôte steak with the famous green sauce...

The fries are good, perfectly crisp and most definitely 'French fries'. 

The juicy, cooked to order steak, is smothered in their secret sauce. Which (when reading other bloggers sites) all seem to agree it is some sort of herb butter. But it is absolutely incredible, taking all my  willpower to stop me from grabbing the silver tray your second helping of steak is displayed on, and licking the whole thing clean... seriously, THAT GOOD! On that note what is slightly strange, although great, is that you get a second helping of both the fries and your steak! And for £23 I consider this a bit of a bargain. 

They don't take bookings so be prepared to queue, although we turned up at 7pm on a friday for a table of 7 and walked straight in! It's not out-of-this-world-I-have-to-go-back... NOW food, it's decent food at the price you pay and never seems to fail

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