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Nestled down the 'prettier' end of St James's is the brand new restaurant and newest addition to James Kissin's books, BoulestinOne of my best boy's booked us in for the opening lunch on Saturday and we were transported to France in an instant...

The restaurant sits 60 covers in a relaxed bistro-style setting. It also has a walk in café, seating 30, towards the front to serve the near by hungry financiers of St. James's. We were lucky enough to be sat in the gorgeous terrace which is surrounded by Victorian houses and oozes Old London history. If you can go before the weather fades, try to book outside... it really is special...

As it is drawing on the end of summer I fancied a glass of something sparkling and their house champagne is Ruinart, which has now won me over. It's one of the best I have ever tasted. 

We both agreed that we were 'starving' and would go all out. So we decided to have some canapés (on top of complimentary bread and 'beurre' - fatties I know!) to help us choose from the vast and delicious sounding menu.

Canapés d'Anchois were wonderfully salty and were sat on top of a butter which slowly melted into the crostini. Smoked cod's roe on toast was paired with a small amount of buttery egg. Both of these are a perfect start should you wish some something to nibble at. 

The menu is obviously heavily French influenced. Rillettes de Tours, Oeuf en Gelee, Boudin noir and  Gigot d'Agneau are all present (they do great plats du jour through the week). I settled on Scallops, Tomatoes, capers and rocket which was simply that, and absolutely perfect. With wanting to stretch out lunch I didn't fancy starting with something super heavy. The ingredients here went together perfectly, and it was a wonderfully light and enjoyable dish. 

Mr.E opted for their grilled squid, roasted peppers and Haricots. Again another pretty looking and simple dish, perfectly executed.

Mains were another triumph. Mr.E decided to have the risotto with Girolles which was incredibly oozy, buttery and indulgent (a LOT of love and butter would have gone in to make this so superb!)

I was in a fishy mood, as I seem to have been since coming back from a wonderful holiday in Portugal, and selected the Cod, mussels and saffron. Served with string beans and in a delicious white wine sauce. The fish was faultlessly cooked and I left a satisfied customer and could have done purely for this dish alone!

We were told a side was recommended, however I certainly don't think we needed one, but chose the endive salad, which was served with green beans and blue cheese. 

I said I wasn't going to have a pudding - as i'm sure you can imagine I was full to bursting! However Mr.E had his eyes set on a particular pud and so I ended up looking at the menu and seeing...'Caramel Profiteroles' damn you Mr.E!! Now, i'm a lover of almost all French things that are pastry so therefore these weren't going to be missed and i'm sorry fitness instructor and fellow classmates but look...

just look at that vanilla creme patissiere and tell me you wouldn't have done the same... 

It's safe to say I didn't feel guilty as these were insane!

Mr.E had his eyes set on the Sauternes Custard with Armangnac prunes and he was another hugely satisfied and full customer... 

A wonderful 'date place' whether it be for a catch up or romance. A truly beautiful setting, attentive staff and excellent food - Très bon!

5 St James's Street London SW1A 1EF · Boulestin · Make a Reservation +44 20 7930 2030 

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