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Opened now a month or so this Fulham delivery burger joint has got us locals excited... very excited! 

The clever guys behind the brand have found the ultimate travel blanket to help keep your burger, fries and side in perfect condition by inventing innovative packaging that also looks pretty cool too.

We ordered online, within ten minutes the uniformed delivery guy was passing over the grub through our own front door... Ten minutes is pretty much a record in itself for food delivery, if you ask me, but burgers like these, that aren't in a restaurant, are most definitely in a league of their own. 

The menu is written in a 'tongue and cheek' tone, honouring their team by naming foods after them, hence the funny spelling...

Our 'Chosen Ones' consisted of (warning there's a lot of food, and no, we didn't eat it all in one swoop):

The Viking, The Shoveman, Onyeung Rings, Mark and Cheese bites and Belgians (these come free with the burgers for a limited about of time...). We decided on sharing an Oreo milkshake, which Mr D insisted on finishing (despite being stuffed) it was THAT good!

The 'Viking' burger consists of: Beef patty, caramelised red onion and garlic chutney, lettuce, American cheese, ketchup, mayo and Nicks pickles. All these can be customised in a clever drop down menu, so you can have your burger exactly how you want it...this was delicious, lip smackingly so, a little over done for me but who's to complain when you haven't lifted a finger in the kitchen?! Other blogs seem to have a decent med-rare burger which is the norm... The beef patty is succulent, prime Scottish beef with Welsh Wagyu fat to keep it super tasty, the other ingredients (despite the 1/2 mile journey) kept perfectly fresh and the garlic chutney, cleverly put at the bottom of the burger is delicious and acts as a barrier to stop the juices running into the bun - clever!!

The 'Shoveman' burger is made up of: Beef patty, caramelised red onion and garlic chutney, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Shoveman sauce, smoked streaky bacon and Nicks pickles. The smokiness of the bacon is the main flavour which was delicious with the chutney and another juicy patty. Shoveman sauce is (from what I could tell) a glamorous 'burger sauce', making this meaty delight my winner out of the two. 

The triple cooked 'Belgians' are crispy, golden and fluffy inside - seriously, seriously good chips. 

The 'Onyyeung rings' were again a triumph, coated in a crunchy breadcumb jackets. These travelled perfectly and no one died a slow, soggy death. 

'Mark and cheese bites' were, filling, crispy, oozy, yummy little things that are a firm bloggers favourite!! 

Oreo 'Moonshake' was so good i'd go out of my way en route back from work just to have one of these!!

Fancy a night in with no cooking? Live in the Fulham vicinity? If your answers 'yes' to both of these then you need to order a Chosen Bun delivery right now... 

647 Fulham Rd, London, SW6 5PU.
0207 731 2411 (12PM-12AM)

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