Pitt Cue co... mighty fine meat and booze!

The boy and I fancied something different this Saturday and a trip into town followed by lunch somewhere 'new' was decided. I reeled off my list of goodies I want to go to and Mr D chose Pitt Cue co. for a meat and rib fix.

We arrived just before opening at 12pm to an already nicely forming queue. The doors opened and they steadied the crowds so that the kitchen wasn't overwhelmed with orders. We waited approximately 45 minutes till seating, however as we were at the front, the manager let us in to have a cocktail to start with. I chose 'Camp America' which unbeknown to me was a (very pretty coloured) Campari cocktail, (I HATE the stuff) it's a bit like sipping the most bitter grapefruit juice known to man... however as this was through personal taste and not the barman's fault I slurped it up and lied said to Mr D 'It's getting better as I go along'...lesson number 1 learnt; ask what's in a cocktail!

My pretty Camp America
Mr D went for the cider cocktail, which was delicious and far more refreshing (in my case much easier to take down too) and then followed by the New York Sour, again another winner. Note the restaurant is TINY (a max of 26 covers) and on a hot summery day like it was, the upstairs restaurant can get absolutely boiling. Downstairs was a degree or two cooler but heaven knows what the kitchen were feeling like in their Ibiza heated oven of a room! They still managed to churn out some exceptionally tasty food... 

New York Sour
The menu is small but there's more than enough to choose from. Four 'meat' dishes, two house specials, Buns - beef brisket or pulled pork and then 6 'extras'. There is also a selection of seasonal sides, a choice of one is included with your main, then £3.50 extra if you have more. 

We had a 'starter' of the loaded skins and chipotle chicken wings. The skins are insanely good. not only in taste but texture. If I could get my tatties' skin to crisp up this well, I'd be a happy girl... they were super crunchy. Loaded with pulled pork, mustard, cheese and sat upon a small dollop of smooth mash. Seriously put down your work, get to Pitt Cue and have these now... see below and drool...

The chipotle wings were good (we're yet to find another crispy wing like at The Big Easy...) but a decent contender. These babies were juicy and tender marinated in a tangy more-ish sauce. 

Mr D went for the beef rib with the green chilli 'slaw as his side. These were HUGE, each main comes with pickles and sourdough bread. The best way to eat them is in true cave-man form and to simply 'get down and dirty'. The meat fell off the bone and was super succulent, sweet and sticky whilst the chilli slaw gave a welcome zing to the plate of food. Add on some extra BBQ sauce which is home-made on site and I can promise you, you won't be a) disappointed and b) left hungry.  

I decided upon the famous pulled pork. This was some of the best I have ever tasted. Seasoned to perfection, it was deeply smoky, tender and simply superb. Many other visitors suggest, again, adding more sauce however, I preferred mine naked and as it came. Choosing to occasionally eat it by hand - why does this make things taste so much better?! it was lip smackingly good and definitely filling. These Pitt Cue guys are genius' and have seemingly got slow cooking down to a 'T'!! My choice of a side was the seasonal charred baby gem.

Pitt Cue co. is serious comfort food at it's absolute British best!

Meal for 2 including cocktails, starters is circa £60

1 Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RB - no reservations

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  1. Big Easy has the best wings in London? Crumbs. Doesn't take much to impress you does it.

    1. Ha possibly not although, wings wise you cannot beat (in my eyes) the sauce from the Big Easy - seriously spicy but super delicious and crispy crispy skin!!! The meat, i agree, can be done a little better... L x