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A birthday treat was owed and as Miss ILB and I had wanted to visit Patty&Bun since opening, so this seemed the obvious choice for me to take her...

Arriving as soon as we could, around 6ish, we were met with no queue and got straight in with a great little table near the window (in this heat I consider that a bonus!)The decor is simple but quirky, just what you need in a burger bar - no frills just great food! This reflects the young (dishy) Old Radleian owners' concept of simply 'great burgers' and Joe Grossman (in a phrase) has got it 'bang on...'

excuse the out-of-focus!!!! 
The menu consists of five burgers (one chicken, one lamb) and another veggie option. There are also specials each day and today's was an 'extra spicy' burger which the waiter warned was 'extremely hot but delicious'... being a chilli lover this almost got me however I wanted to taste the burger as much as possible and I went for the Jose Jose burger, beef patty (all are served med/rare), cheese, tomato, lettuce, chilli chorizo relish, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo in a brioche bun. There's not much I can say really without going completely OTT and sounding totally barmy but OH-MY-GOD this burger is good, totally knocking the socks bun off of any other burger I have EVER devoured (sorry meatliquor) ... super juicy and succulent - I am told Joe keeps the exact cuts used a secret but his research certainly has pulled off... the perfect amount of salad bits mastered so that it isn't a total pain in the arse to eat, and not once did this fall to pieces. The bun is light and fluffy and the patty is cooked to absolute perfection. the extras in the burger are pretty tasty. I love the addition of pickled onions and the smokey mayo with the chorizo relish was lip-smackingly good! 

Miss ILB went for the infamous 'ARI GOLD' cheese burger which is now their signature... patty, cheese, lettuce, pickled onion, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche bun and she opted for the additional bacon which is a very reasonable 50p extra. ILB tucked into her burger before me and a resounding 'mmmmmmmmmmmm' came from across the table - a happy diner!

We decided to share the (also infamous) fries, which are like Pringles... I was reaching for another before i had finished my mouth full! Triple cooked and then tossed in rosemary salt. another must is their chicken wings which as my favourite foodie people The Critical Couple  quite rightfully point out in their blog are 'perfect'. Confit for 24hours they are possibly the best 5 minutes you'll ever get with a bbq'd chicken in your life - fact!

P&B are hopefully opening up another venue soon to feed the masses that desire their oh so good delights and as we left the queue was slowly winding it's merry way down James Street with hungry burger fanatics... Winner, winner burger dinner - a totally deserved double thumbs up!!

54 James St, LondonUK W1U 1EU - no reservations but they do take-away.

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