I apologise I have been busy helping out with 17 boys at a 7 year olds birthday party today in a field so I have had no internet till now I am home, however, the winner was notified on time....I had a whopping 158 responses with some of my favourites being Usain Bolt, Johnny Depp (swoon) and also Gazza (purely as you would get to drink all the booze?!)...


He was one of a few of you who were still in the Olympic Spirit of things and chose 'Usain Bolt' so I popped you into a hat to draw the winner as you were all more of less saying the same jokes...'because he keeps on "rumming" '...

Those of you whom did enter thank you so much and keep on reading i'm in talks with some fantastic companies to try and get you some goodies.

Have a fantastic weekend it's already a scorcher! I'm off to the Rolling Stones' so will put a new blog post up on Monday.

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