Pitt Cue co... mighty fine meat and booze!

The boy and I fancied something different this Saturday and a trip into town followed by lunch somewhere 'new' was decided. I reeled off my list of goodies I want to go to and Mr D chose Pitt Cue co. for a meat and rib fix.

We arrived just before opening at 12pm to an already nicely forming queue. The doors opened and they steadied the crowds so that the kitchen wasn't overwhelmed with orders. We waited approximately 45 minutes till seating, however as we were at the front, the manager let us in to have a cocktail to start with. I chose 'Camp America' which unbeknown to me was a (very pretty coloured) Campari cocktail, (I HATE the stuff) it's a bit like sipping the most bitter grapefruit juice known to man... however as this was through personal taste and not the barman's fault I slurped it up and lied said to Mr D 'It's getting better as I go along'...lesson number 1 learnt; ask what's in a cocktail!

My pretty Camp America
Mr D went for the cider cocktail, which was delicious and far more refreshing (in my case much easier to take down too) and then followed by the New York Sour, again another winner. Note the restaurant is TINY (a max of 26 covers) and on a hot summery day like it was, the upstairs restaurant can get absolutely boiling. Downstairs was a degree or two cooler but heaven knows what the kitchen were feeling like in their Ibiza heated oven of a room! They still managed to churn out some exceptionally tasty food... 

New York Sour
The menu is small but there's more than enough to choose from. Four 'meat' dishes, two house specials, Buns - beef brisket or pulled pork and then 6 'extras'. There is also a selection of seasonal sides, a choice of one is included with your main, then £3.50 extra if you have more. 

We had a 'starter' of the loaded skins and chipotle chicken wings. The skins are insanely good. not only in taste but texture. If I could get my tatties' skin to crisp up this well, I'd be a happy girl... they were super crunchy. Loaded with pulled pork, mustard, cheese and sat upon a small dollop of smooth mash. Seriously put down your work, get to Pitt Cue and have these now... see below and drool...

The chipotle wings were good (we're yet to find another crispy wing like at The Big Easy...) but a decent contender. These babies were juicy and tender marinated in a tangy more-ish sauce. 

Mr D went for the beef rib with the green chilli 'slaw as his side. These were HUGE, each main comes with pickles and sourdough bread. The best way to eat them is in true cave-man form and to simply 'get down and dirty'. The meat fell off the bone and was super succulent, sweet and sticky whilst the chilli slaw gave a welcome zing to the plate of food. Add on some extra BBQ sauce which is home-made on site and I can promise you, you won't be a) disappointed and b) left hungry.  

I decided upon the famous pulled pork. This was some of the best I have ever tasted. Seasoned to perfection, it was deeply smoky, tender and simply superb. Many other visitors suggest, again, adding more sauce however, I preferred mine naked and as it came. Choosing to occasionally eat it by hand - why does this make things taste so much better?! it was lip smackingly good and definitely filling. These Pitt Cue guys are genius' and have seemingly got slow cooking down to a 'T'!! My choice of a side was the seasonal charred baby gem.

Pitt Cue co. is serious comfort food at it's absolute British best!

Meal for 2 including cocktails, starters is circa £60

1 Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RB - no reservations

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Square Meal
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Patty & Bun...

A birthday treat was owed and as Miss ILB and I had wanted to visit Patty&Bun since opening, so this seemed the obvious choice for me to take her...

Arriving as soon as we could, around 6ish, we were met with no queue and got straight in with a great little table near the window (in this heat I consider that a bonus!)The decor is simple but quirky, just what you need in a burger bar - no frills just great food! This reflects the young (dishy) Old Radleian owners' concept of simply 'great burgers' and Joe Grossman (in a phrase) has got it 'bang on...'

excuse the out-of-focus!!!! 
The menu consists of five burgers (one chicken, one lamb) and another veggie option. There are also specials each day and today's was an 'extra spicy' burger which the waiter warned was 'extremely hot but delicious'... being a chilli lover this almost got me however I wanted to taste the burger as much as possible and I went for the Jose Jose burger, beef patty (all are served med/rare), cheese, tomato, lettuce, chilli chorizo relish, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo in a brioche bun. There's not much I can say really without going completely OTT and sounding totally barmy but OH-MY-GOD this burger is good, totally knocking the socks bun off of any other burger I have EVER devoured (sorry meatliquor) ... super juicy and succulent - I am told Joe keeps the exact cuts used a secret but his research certainly has pulled off... the perfect amount of salad bits mastered so that it isn't a total pain in the arse to eat, and not once did this fall to pieces. The bun is light and fluffy and the patty is cooked to absolute perfection. the extras in the burger are pretty tasty. I love the addition of pickled onions and the smokey mayo with the chorizo relish was lip-smackingly good! 

Miss ILB went for the infamous 'ARI GOLD' cheese burger which is now their signature... patty, cheese, lettuce, pickled onion, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche bun and she opted for the additional bacon which is a very reasonable 50p extra. ILB tucked into her burger before me and a resounding 'mmmmmmmmmmmm' came from across the table - a happy diner!

We decided to share the (also infamous) fries, which are like Pringles... I was reaching for another before i had finished my mouth full! Triple cooked and then tossed in rosemary salt. another must is their chicken wings which as my favourite foodie people The Critical Couple  quite rightfully point out in their blog are 'perfect'. Confit for 24hours they are possibly the best 5 minutes you'll ever get with a bbq'd chicken in your life - fact!

P&B are hopefully opening up another venue soon to feed the masses that desire their oh so good delights and as we left the queue was slowly winding it's merry way down James Street with hungry burger fanatics... Winner, winner burger dinner - a totally deserved double thumbs up!!

54 James St, LondonUK W1U 1EU - no reservations but they do take-away.

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Guest Blog...Mahiki @ Henley Royal Regatta

On the Saturday of the Henley RR I was rocking it up with The Rolling Stones and therefore unable to join my winners for some cocktails and Tiki time... my very lovely (and super smiley) friend Becky kindly wrote a write up for me on the day and this is what she made of it... 

'You may remember that last week Life of a Londoner ran its first competition courtesy of Mahiki Coconut. The winner’s prize included a pair of tickets to Henley’s Royal Regatta with access to the exclusive Mahiki pop-up bar, a treasure chest and selection of light bites from the grill.

I was lucky enough to experience Mahiki’s VIP Tiki Wonderland on Friday evening myself. The Mahiki bar at Henley was filled with beautiful people including a number of “celebs” such as our favourite Made In Chelsea boys, Hugo Taylor, Spencer Matthews, Francis Boulle and the lovely Ollie Locke. I was however disappointed to learn that we had missed out on seeing Lawson in the flesh, (although in contrast to their Cosmo shoot they were fully clothed so perhaps it isn't so bad).

After having a brief look at the celebs boat racing, our very own Mahiki Coconut mixologist CK greeted us with a delicious Mahiki Breeze a blend of cranberry, grapefruit, Mahiki Coconut and lime juice – the perfect refreshing mix for a summer’s evening.

CK then gave us a cocktail master class, starting with the Mahiki Breeze; we then got to try out some of Mahiki’s most popular cocktails all of which were coconut based – including a fruity lime Daiquiri and the Tiki-Colada (essentially this is a Coconut Mojito). Thanks to our excellent teacher it was a lot of fun learning how to stir and shake, but I don’t think I'm quite ready to join the Mahiki bar team any time soon!

Having lined our stomachs with cocktails… we required some food. Mahiki were serving a grilled menu with a variety of meaty and seafood feasts including steaks, lemon-pepper mackerel and jumbo prawns. I could not resist the Buffalo burger served on a sesame brioche with baby leaf salad, beef tomato, onions, dill, pickles with French fries and apple 'slaw. Cooked to perfection, my buffalo burger went perfectly with my light and tasty TikiColada.

Despite not having a moment to actually see any of the boat racing this was a perfect way to spend a midsummer evening and with fantastic hosts, so if you fancy a Mahiki-inspired evening have a go at making your very own TikiColada, which is simple enough to make at home!'


50ml Mahiki Coconut rum
10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
2 tbsp castor sugar
8-10 mint leaves
30ml coconut cream
Crushed ice
1 can of Ting (Caribbean grapefruit soda)


Firstly pour a large measure, approximately 50ml of Mahiki Coconut into a sling glass. Next add the 10ml of freshly squeezed lime juice and two tablespoons of castor sugar. Pick 8-10 mint leaves, clap them between your hands to release their aroma and throw them in and pour in 30ml of coconut cream. Fill the sling glass with crushed ice and churn all the ingredients for around 5 seconds. A touch more crushed ice to fill the glass then top with Ting, the Caribbean grapefruit soda. Last but not least to ensure that the finished result looks nice and pretty, garnish it with a large mint sprig and you have yourself a world famous Tiki-Colada!!

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Wild Honey

My aunt, whom I hadn't seen properly in an absolute AGE, was in town and therefore requested that I book somewhere delicious for a catch up early supper before her train back home to Derbyshire...

Oddly enough, restaurant searching is one of my all time favourite things to do at my desk, I therefore spent a good few hours moments researching and came up with Wild Honey. 

Opened by the team behind Arbutus in 2007 the centrally located restaurant is a perfect place to grab an incredible bite to eat, within intimate surroundings and friendly staff. They also do a very reasonable (weekly or daily changing) set menu £29.50 for two courses or £35 for three.

taken from the website 
The dining room has a fantastic members 'club like' and intimate atmosphere and is a pretty small space, in comparison to others, for a restaurant that has a big name and such a central location. The main a la carte menu was the choice for all four of us and we settle down to choosing with delicious bread, prosecco and a beer for Mr D. 

To start with I opted for the de-constructed crab and avocado salad. This was deliciously fresh and looked so beautiful that that I didn't know where to start. The crab was fresh and light, the avocado incredibly smooth and creamy. Cucumber spaghetti, some edamame peanuts and a smattering of edible flowers finished the dish off perfectly. There was an additional dish of 'crab crisp' which was more like an intensely crabby prawn cracker which was incredible and like nothing I had ever had before! A fantastic Summer dish unlike the weather that evening... 

Mr D chose the belly pork and snails 'Bourguignon' which for something that sounded heavy and Wintery, actually managed to look quite delicate on the place. It was an all round good dish but not as good as he was hoping for. The pork was quite fatty and a little on the tough side. The snails and rich sauce however were delicious, it was a shame that the main element of the dish fell at the last hurdle... 

For the first time ever for mains we both had the spring lamb which was unbelievably good! When there is Spring lamb on the menu it tends to lean me toward choosing this, as it's such a treat. 

It came in two parts: saddle of lamb, which was cooked pink and was so juicy and tender I could have had just that and left happy... the second element was the shoulder which was slow cooked, then fried, wrapped in a light pastry casing - delicious! This was served with a pea and mint 'mash', or posh mushy peas to me... charred onions and baby radishes, a plate lick-able silky gravy finished this off perfectly. 

Overall a fantastic supper, the perfect spot for a much needed catch up over delicate and superbly cooked food A*!

12 St George St  London, Greater London W1S 2FB
020 7758 9160

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I apologise I have been busy helping out with 17 boys at a 7 year olds birthday party today in a field so I have had no internet till now I am home, however, the winner was notified on time....I had a whopping 158 responses with some of my favourites being Usain Bolt, Johnny Depp (swoon) and also Gazza (purely as you would get to drink all the booze?!)...


He was one of a few of you who were still in the Olympic Spirit of things and chose 'Usain Bolt' so I popped you into a hat to draw the winner as you were all more of less saying the same jokes...'because he keeps on "rumming" '...

Those of you whom did enter thank you so much and keep on reading i'm in talks with some fantastic companies to try and get you some goodies.

Have a fantastic weekend it's already a scorcher! I'm off to the Rolling Stones' so will put a new blog post up on Monday.

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Competition time...Henley Regatta

Right folks,

For the first time ever I am able to offer my readers a little competition courtesy of my lovely friend 'Little Cheese' at Slam PR whom shall remain anon... although, you'll find her at the Mahiki tent 'sampling' the rum i'm sure...

To promote the delicious Mahiki Coconut Rum (yes, the Mayfair Hotspot has their own booze!). They have once again got involved with the fabulously British boat race that is Henley, and have given me the chance to let my lovely readers win a pretty awesome day out! To have a sneaky preview of what will be on offer at Henley check out the following link:

The prize includes:

  • A pair of tickets to the Royal Regatta on the 6th July (worth £50)
  • Access to the Mahiki Tent - hottest entry ticket available for the day (worth £100)
  • A complimentary treasure chest (£140)
  • selection of light bites from the grill

N.B. Travel and accomodation NOT included but it's very easy to get to from London 

All you have to do is send your name, email address and your answer of the following question to:


If you were to be drinking Mahiki coconut rum all day on a desert island whom would you want to be your only companion and why? 

I will announce the winner of the best answer tomorrow at 11am and answers will be accepted up until 9am tomorrow. 

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