Two sets of my nearest and dearest have been wanting to try this Pimlico institution (founded in 1982) for a while and so I booked a table of six for last Friday evening. 

Mr D and I have been before and therefore fully expecting the feast ahead I starved over lunch, dolled myself up and popped into The orange for a pre-drink and catch up. 

Hunan is famed for not having a menu and therefore diners simply tell them what they don't like and how spicy they want their food... from then on it's up to the family run restaurant to entertain. 14+ courses (circa £40) of Taiwanese tapas-sized portions then start their parade onto the table. Any of the dishes you are more than welcome to ask for more and there are options of extra courses should you wish - Seabass or King Crab served with noodles, at an extra £9 per person and also crispy duck pancakes at an extra £6 per person.

Hunan pride themselves on reasonable wines of which the 6 of us tucked well into during our 3.5 hour meal. I didn't take pictures of all dishes for fear of interrupting flowing conversations and nor did I therefore take my SLR as that would be slightly OTT when out for dinner with friends... 

And so it begins... 

First up was their famous signature dish of pork, mushroom and ginger broth. Delicious.

2nd minced chicken lettuce wrap - one of my faves, I love this dish. 

Crispy tofu. None of us could quite believe this was tofu due to not being fans we all enjoyed this dish as it was so unexpectedly crunchy and tasty. 

Pork won ton. 

Crispy chilli, garlic beans. An all round winner throughout the table especially with Miss R. Perfect light batter and delicious spice kick. 

Spiced Jelly fish and shredded chicken salad. Not entirely sure of the jelly fish consistency but it was nice to try something unusual.

Fried crispy Tilapia in a sauce I do not remember, but it was sweet and sticky of which we all enjoyed. (no photo taken)

Salt and pepper lamb breast in ginger and garlic (again no photo taken) this was one of Mr G's faves throughout the night. Similar to dry fried spare ribs in salt and pepper - moreish! 

Spinach dumpling wrapped in prawn, ginger, soy and spring onion dressing. A pretty and delicious dish.

'Hunan' style prawn and chicken baked dumpling. A delicate 'prawn toast' which was Mr D's favourite and also another all rounder for the whole table.

Scallop and Cucumber somehow the scallop taste was lost within this so not one of my top dishes. 

Pork with ginger and morning glory. The first of the 'mains' super delicious and I wish we'd asked for more - next time!

Next we had 'beef tongue in a spicy sauce'. Not one of Miss R's faves but Mr F and I were in huge favour of this and pleased we didn't opt out of the offal option at the beginning of the meal. (no picture as this wasn't hugely 'pretty' to look at but very tasty!)

We then decided to have the three extra charge dishes the first being crispy duck pancakes 1-2 per person. At an extra £4 (?!) this was a nice addition and always a winner wherever you are. 

Lobster with hand pulled noodles. This was outstanding and my absolute stand out dish of the evening. Served in a thick oyster sauce the hand pulled noodles was of perfect consistency and the lobster was superb. For an added £9 per person this is definitely worth it. 

Seabass was our final main dish... we asked for some more of their fantastic noodles to accompany this and it was well worth it. Steamed seabass in delicious soy, spring onion and garlic sauce. 

photo taken/borrowed from
Pudding was the final dish to our meal this consisted of a mixture of fried bananas and apples with Vanilla ice cream. I'm never entirely sure whether this is a Western addition to the Eastern cuisine and not being a fan of cooked fruit (I know I'm missing out on crumbles etc) I ate the toffee outer and left the fruit (mum - I did try it, I promise!). But everyone gobbled this up before we left. 

Overall? A fantastic meal shared with some great friends. Delicious and decently priced wine (we had a great white Sancerre), with innovative, scrumptious and enjoyable food, once again.  

51 Pimlico Rd  London, Greater London SW1W 8NE

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