Greek inspired quick summer supper...

As the sun is (finally) out I fancied a summer food fuelled supper at home with the doors flung open and a light breeze through the house. 

Lamb usually springs (see what I did there) to mind once the weather heats up and therefore this Nigel Slater dish with my greek-esque side salad is perfect. It also only takes about 30mins from prep to mouth.

Serves 2

6-8 lamb cutlets
1/2 x block of good quality feta
decent olive oil
I lemon juice
small handful of FRESH Oregano and Thyme leaves only
Salt and Pepper for seasoning

1 x large courgette - sliced into strips with a peeler
2 x small tomatoes quartered
1 large red pepper
6 tbsp olive oil
1 x small red onion sliced finely
Small handful of fresh coriander chopped finely
1 Lemon, Zest and juice
1 tbsp clear runny honey
1 Garlic clove crushed
salt and pepper for seasoning

Pre heat your grill on high.

Meanwhile put a pan onto the hob, lightly drizzle in some olive oil. When hot fry the courgette slices until charring. Set aside.

Cut the pepper into quarters and grill until blackened. Once done, place into a food bag and leave to cool down 

Whilst cooling make the vinaigrette's for the two dishes. 

Mix together all the olive oil, coriander, roasted cumin, lemon juice and zest, honey and garlic. Whisk it well so that it combines and season with salt and pepper to taste.

For the lamb, take the Oregano and thyme leaves place into a bowl and add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Crumble in half the feta and the lemon juice and season to taste.

Set aside both sauces till later. 

By now the peppers should be cool enough. Peel off the skins and slice them into strips. Mix into a large salad bowl with the courgette strips, tomatoes and onion.

Heat a pan until hot. Season with salt and pepper and brush lightly each cutlet with olive oil or goose fat in my case. Do NOT oil the pan!

Cook for about 7 minutes on each side for pink depending on size (mine were quite thick cutlets and this cooks them nicely pink) or until crisp.

Place cutlets onto a serving plate and spoon over the feta dressing whilst still hot. 

Take the courgette salad and mix in the vinaigrette well and toss together to coat all of the vegetables. 

A really refreshing and easy supper for an evening like tonight - enjoy! 

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