The Orange # 2

I told you I love it here... 

My brother was in town and therefore we had a catch up dinner in the diary. He has never visited The Orange so suggested we go here and as readers may know, I am a huge fan, thus equalling a happy sister! 

Throughout the day I made a promise to myself that I would try something new for a starter... I failed and had to have some squid... 

We did, however, share some delicious 'pizza bread' with chilli, onion and garlic.

The menu had changed from my last visit and again gave me a difficult choice as to what to go for, Bouillabaisse marseillaise, veal risotto, duck salad etc etc the yumminess went on. Surprisingly not one, out of the 4 of us, decided on their delicious pizza's and all opted to have one of their warming mains (possibly due to this freezing British weather we're having). 

I chose Anglesey farmed sea bass fillet, with pickled fennel, salt cod mash, broad beans, peas and lobster reduction. The fish was cooked perfectly, beans/peas always work well with white fish  and therefore made a perfect 'veg' accompaniment  the lobster reduction was 'oh.my.god' moreish I was mopping my plate with the delicious salt cod mash and anything else I could to get it all off the plate. My only negative, and it kills me to say it, was that the fennel was very bitter and stringy, however I am sure this was a personal taste dislike, and many people would love it, I am simply not a fan of it being pickled, roasted however, I love. 

The others around the table chose: 

Mr D 28 day dry aged Rose County Farm rib eye steak watercress salad, hand cut chips and Bearnaise. cooked medium/rare - their chips are to die for, and The Orange racked up anther happy customer.

Master W, Corn fed chicken breast, Bath Pig chorizo, Cornish new potatoes, red onions and romesco sauce(as the brothers choice I pinched a taster), the chicken had perfectly seasoned crispy skin (to me the food of gods)and the meat was still juicy and tender, however for me the winner of the dish was the sauce with the chorizo - mmmmmm. A very very good chicken dish and not being one to chose chicken in a restaurant, I would now go back (again) for this very dish...

Miss S, chose the evenings special which was roasted pork belly, black pudding croquettes, watercress, red cabbage and a plate lick-able reduction which I sadly forgot to write down what exactly it was.

All of these had a thumbs up. So overall? Another great supper, delicious food and within a gorgeous relaxed surrounding... thanks again. 
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