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London's quest to have 'the best burger' is an ongoing battle and new joints seem to be opening up every week claiming to have the better patty mix-to-bun ratio. Aware I am a little late jumping onto this band wagon, Mr D and I finally made it down to Meat Liquor for a knock out burger fuelled meal. 

As this is also a no bookings restaurant, at 11:45am a queue was already forming and so we joined the back for 15 minutes until opening. As soon as the doors were opened we were seated immediately. 

Entering the restaurant at lunch time you are thrown forward about 9 hours into a dark, underground club like atmosphere. Cue, some of the worst food pictures I have ever taken, I only had my phone... so apologies I do not do some dishes justice!

Proving just how dark it is in there...

The menu is split into sections:

Rabbit food
Sweet stuff

Annoyingly you want it all...Reading up on other blogger's websites we had already a vague idea of what we wanted to feast upon. 

Our platter arrived:

A LOT of food... 

Bingo wings, chicken wings in the house hot pepper sauce served with a blue cheese dip. A high contender with our favourite wing place of choice at The Big Easy. Mr D being king of the wings was pretty happy with these, they had a good crunchy fried skin and succulent chicken meat was smothered in a tangy hot sauce - mmmmmm.

Deep fried pickles had perfectly crunchy batter and thinly sliced gherkin was coated in this crisp naughtiness, and still resembled a pickle excellent chef-ing skills there- annoyingly, due to health factors, rather moreish. 

Chilli cheese fries... pretty self explanatory but fries, meat chilli, cheese, onions, jalapeƱos and mustard. OH.MY.GOD. We both agreed that we could have just had this and left very happy, but it was perfect as a side to share. It was absolutely incredible. Perfect amount of spice and the chilli was to die for.

Green chilli cheese burger, beef, cheese, chilli butter, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup.  Perfectly cooked Medium-rare (as they come unless asked) and a delicious semi-toasted bun, I now realise what the hype was about... this is a seriously good burger, not overwhelming, fall on the floor, oh my god, but very very good. I am still yet to fine this taste experience in burgers - maybe I never will? But the overall taste was quite a punchy one the Chilli butter wasn't hugely over powering but was certainly there!

Chilli dog was our other main...after writing this I now realise our love for all things 'spicy', seemingly having Chilli on almost all dishes...the 'dog' was our least favourite of the dishes. Possibly due to being far too full to even contemplate half of this as we concentrated on the others first. But also as I am not the biggest of large frankfurters...(?!). But I would definitely stick with the burgers or even try the phenomenally mentioned dirty chicken burgers they do on another visit. 

Lunch for the two of us came to £32 which to me, was excellent value, considering the feast we had and included soft drinks. 

74 Welbeck St  London W1G 0BA. Nearest Tube - Bond Street. 

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