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My lovely local, The Brown Cow, is consistently busy everyday. You have to book a wee while in advance to get a table for a Friday or Saturday supper and certainly for Sunday lunch (they do a mean roast). My lovely school friend J was down from Harrogate and fancied a visit to the flat and then an early lunch/brunch.

After meandering down the road, in the now thick snow, I entered the toasty warm pub and we were seated in an instant, ordered a couple of bloody mary's to ease fuzzy heads and settled in for a good gossip and browsing the menu.

It a gorgeous, light and spacious pub, decorated with vintage finds, rustic wood and French 'shabby chic'style furniture. The huge old mirror at the back and the retro hanging bar lights being my personal favourite pieces.

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The weekend menu serves up regular British inspired foods and also some 'off track' dishes too such as snails, pigeon and pigs cheek on the bar snack menu.

Yorkshire lass J and Miss Roberts settled on a caesar salad. This came with thinly sliced croutons, baby gem leaves, parmesan, plenty of anchovies and tangy caesar dressing. All of the aforementioned ingredients were exceptional, with the only disagreement on the dish was that it was slightly over-swimming in dressing.

Miss.G went for the sausage, mash and onion gravy. Again a decent dish the mash particularly was smooth and creamy. I'm not sure whether you can do much wrong with the classic combination and so this was met with another satisfied customer.

As I had decided to have a rather hefty Friday evening with Mr D I was gunning for a (rare) burger, triple cooked chips. As my hangover food craving kicked in, I randomly had it with a side of salt and pepper squid with tartar sauce. The squid was delicious and had a lovely batter coating which was well seasoned. Even though I really did not need this I was pleased I ordered it to satisfy an urge! 

The recent craze to try and find 'London's best burger' hasn't quite hit me (yet). I'm not rushing all over the city to try and get a taste of these so called 'winning burgers' but I appreciate a good 'un when eating one. The Brown Cow burger, is a decent example of good ingredients thoughtfully put together to give you a good pub staple. Ordering it as 'rare as possible' this came exactly that which is something you don't often find these days as 'medium rare' seems to be as low as they'll go. However they are confident in that their ingredients are the best and therefore no hesitation on how rare they can go. 

The filling consisted of gherkin, tomato, red onion, cheese and baby gem lettuce.  All giving a great texture against the juicy beef patty. The bun also held it's own and I managed to eat the burger with no issues of it falling apart and creating a mess - bonus!!
The 'triple cooked chips' were a little under done, however I was full enough to not let this bother me at all and I ate a few that had a nice crispy coating and fluffy inside. One thing that is worth a mention is the delicious chilli ketchup/relish that is served on the side. I could have simply had a bowl of this and chips and left a happy girl! 

All in all the bill came to approx £70 including drinks for the 4 of us. For a posh pub lunch and a good girls gossip I personally thought this was worth every penny. 

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